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Comprehension check. Ex. 1. Search the text for the English equivalents of the word combinations

Ex. 1. Search the text for the English equivalents of the word combinations.

Восточное плоскогорье, южное полушарие, единственная страна, плодородная почва, обширные пустыни, минеральные ресурсы, поддержка большинства, палата представителей, генерал-губернатор, высокий уровень жизни, австралийские аборигены, вечнозеленые растения, демократическая система управления, по совету премьер-министра, промышленные товары, молочные продукты, сахарный тростник.

Ex. 2. Read the statements and say if they are true or false.

1. Australia is a country in the Northern Hemisphere.

2. Free settlers and former prisoners established six colonies.

3. Deserts cover about a half of Australia.

4. The climate is significantly influenced by ocean currents.

5. The hottest month in Australia is January.

6. The Queen is represented by the Prime Minister.

7. The Commonwealth Parliament consists of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

8. Australia has become rich chiefly from farming and mining.

9. The country has rich mineral resources.

10. The Greens is the main political party in Australia.

Ex. 3. Complete the following sentences using information from the text.

1. Australia is a country in the Southern Hemisphere comprising … .

2. The name Australia is derived from … .

3. The highest and most mountainous land lies … .

4. Australia is a member of … .

5. The parliament consists of … .

6. The main political parties are …

7. The leading farm products are … .

8. Australia is rich in mineral resources such as … .

9. An iconic Australian pair is … .

10. Oz is colloquial for … .

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