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Причастие I, II

  active Passive
Participle I Ving The investigating officer must be very careful in the crime scene. Следователь должен быть очень внимательным на месте преступления. I don’t know the officer investigating this case. Я не знаю офицера, расследующего это дело. Investigating this serious crime the officer discovered a lot of important evidence against that young man. Расследуя это серьёзное преступление, офицер обнаружил много важных улик против этого молодого человека. being + Ved, Vз The problem being discussed at the conference must be solved. Проблема, обсуждаемая (которая обсуждалась) на конференции, должна быть решена. Being invited to discuss the problem he agreed. Когда его пригласили обсудить проблему, он согласился.
Participle II   Ved, Vз The described method is very effective. Описанный метод очень эффективен. All the methods described by this author are very effective. Все методы, описанные этим автором, очень эффективны. When invited to describe his new method the scientist agreed. Когда учёного пригласили описать свой новый метод, он согласился.
Perfect Participle having + Ved, Vз Having done all the exercises to the text, he began to work at the text itself. Выполнив все упражнения к тексту, он начал работать над самим текстом. having + Ved, Vз Having been translatedby the students before the texts didn’t seem difficult for them. Так как тексты были переведены студентами раньше, они не казались им трудными.

Задание 27. Прочитайте и переведите следующие предложения:

1. The case being heard by the district people’s court is of great interest for our students.

2. Being divided in 11 judicial circuits the USA has a Federal Court of Appeal in each circuit.

3. Having passed both Houses the bill became a law.

4. Being divided into executive, legislative and judicial branches, all power in each state is similar to that of the entire nation.

5. Having tried this uneasy case the court passed a sentence.

6. Having arrived at the crime scene among the first, the investigator was able to question all persons present at the scene.

7. Being elected for a term of 4 years the President is to carry out the program of the government.

8. Having been signed by the President the resolution came into force all over the country.

9. The number of paid lobbyists being three times greater than that of the members of the Congress, an important role in American legislature is played by these lobbyists.

10. The political platform of the Republican and Democratic parties in the USA being alike, the Democrats and Republicans essentially conduct the similar policy.

11. Each court of appeal in the circuit consists of between 3 and 15 judges depending upon the amount of work in the circuit, the judge with a largest service, who has reached his 70th birthday, being the chief judge.

12. A “constitution” meaning in American political language the set of rules, laws, regulations and customs provides the practical norms and standards regulating the work of the government.

13. The US Constitution consisting of preamble, seven articles and twenty seven amendments was adopted in 1787.

14. Being made up by the privileged class the US Constitution of 1787 didn’t contain bourgeois-democratic freedoms.

15. Having been proposed first in 1787 the Constitution faced widespread dissatisfaction because it did not contain guaranties of certain basic freedoms and individual rights.

16. Having no guaranteed labor, guaranteed income and health care the working man is guaranteed inequality.

17. Being aimed at preserving the advantageous position of the ruling class the US Constitution of 1787 said nothing about the elementary democratic freedoms when it was first proposed.

18. Heaving heard of all the details of that situation I decided to help my friend.

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