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PHRASES FOR COMMUNICATION. Ex.1. Прочитайте, переведите и выучите следующие выражения:


Ex.1. Прочитайте, переведите и выучите следующие выражения:

Pleasure Displeasure

1. Good! / That’s good. 1. Oh, no!

2. Great! / That’s great. 2. Oh, dear!

3. Marvellous! / That’s marvellous. 3. Oh, heavens!

4. Terrific! / That’s terrific. 4. What a bore!

5. That’s nice! / That’ll be nice. 5. That’s the limit!

6. How exciting!

7. How thrilling!

8. How wonderful!

9. Fantastic!


1. No, thank you. I don’t want to.

2. No, certainly not.

3. Why should I?

4. Oh, no!

5. Never!

6. Good heavens, no.

Ex. 2. a) Прочитайте диалоги; инсценируйте их в парах.

I. He: Why don’t you sit down and relax, darling?

She: Because I don’t want to.

He: Well, come and talk to me then.

She: Certainly, not.

He: May I turn on the radio then?

She: Turn on the radio? What for?

He: So that we can’t sit together and listen to some music.

She: Listen to some music? And who’ll cook the dinner? Will


He: OK, I will. But let’s go to a disco after dinner.

She: To a disco? Good heavens, no! You know I hate pop.

II. He: I’ve made up my mind. We’ve going to Spain for the


She: How exciting! (Marvellous /How thrilling).

He: I’ve got a whole fortnight off this year.

She: A whole fortnight. That’s terrific (That’ll be nice).

He: We’ll leave in early July.

She: Good! Are we taking the car?

He: The car? Oh, no, we’re going on a package tour.

She: Oh, no.



  a skill to gain knowledge vocational gifted responsible to require further education compulsory optional to support by correspondence an aim (to aim) career   to finish (leave) school to take exams to pass exams to fail (in) an exam to get to attend lectures to have practical training to do well to become a good specialist to provide to continue an academic year a tutor to enter

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