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We live in Moscow in Minskaya Street in a new block of flats. Our flat is large and comfortable. It is a four-room flat. We got (bought) it 2 years ago. We live on the fifth floor. There is a shop on the ground floor. There is a lift in our block of flats.

Now, let's have a look at our flat. Though there are four rooms in our flat we like the living-room best of all because in the evenings we gather there to have tea, watch TV, talk and rest.

You can see the living-room in the picture. Look at it. The liv­ing-room is large. There are two windows and a door in it. The win­dows face the street. The door leads to my grandparents' bedroom. There is a table and some chairs in the middle of the room. There is a sofa near the window. The TV is in the corner. There are some arm-chairs and a piano in the living-room. My sister plays the piano. You can see four book-shelves on the wall. The ceiling is high.

In the morning we have breakfast in the kitchen. It is large and light. The table is near the window. The refrigerator (fridge) is in the corner. It keeps all the food fresh. It doesn't use much electricity. The gas stove is opposite the fridge. There is always running hot and cold water and central heating in our block of flats.

When we got (bought) our flat we invited our friends and relatives for the house-warming. They presented us with a picture which you can see on the wall above the piano.

Ex.1.Заполните таблицу, выбирая слова и выражения из текста OUR FLAT:

Части комнаты и мебель Виды комнат Глаголы для высказывания по теме Слова и выражения для высказывания

Ex.2. Переведите на английский язык:

На пятом этаже, посмотри на картину, подарить книгу, на стене, на улице, играть на пианино, дома, в углу, в середине, в центре, напротив нашего дома.

Ex.3. Составьте кроссворд по теме «Квартира» (не >10 слов).

Ex.4.Опишите свою любимую комнату (не >1 страницы).

My favourite room is … I like this room because it is …

Ex.5.Прочитайте и переведите диалог. Составьте свой диалог, используя данные слова и выражения.

Mrs. Johnson: Dear Mrs. Smith! It’s very kind of you to visit our new house. Come this way, please, to

the sitting room. Take a seat here and make yourself comfortable. A cup of tea or


Mrs. Smith: A cup of tea, please. What a cosy house you have! There isn’t much furniture here,

no useless things, perfect taste.

Mrs. J.: Thank you very much. We are proud of our house. We bought it two years ago.

Mrs. S.: Are houses expensive in this area?

Mrs. J.: Rather expensive. But we took a loan from a bank. Do you live in a house or in an


Mrs. S.: We have a three-room apartment in a twenty-two-storeyed house in a new residential

area. How very true! There is no place like home!

Mrs. J.: Are there all modern conveniences in your apartment?

Mrs. S.: Yes, sure. Besides, we have a lot of modern appliances and there’s much built-in

furniture. I like my living room. Nothing is more pleasant in bad weather when it’s

raining cats and dogs than to sit in a cosy armchair, watch TV and DVD or chat with your

friends. Come to our place! It’s better to see once than to hear twice. Come and see it

with your own eyes.

Mrs. J.: Thank you very much for your invitation.

Ex.6 . a)Обсудите в группах (3-5 студентов) преимущества и недостатки следующего:

- проживание в доме или в квартире;

- проживание на окраине или в центральной части города;

- проживание в студенческом общежитии или в съемной квартире (комнате).

Оформите свои высказывания в виде таблицы.

  advantages disadvantages
a house    
a flat    
the central part of the city    
a hostel    
a rented flat (room)    

b) Сделайте проект “The house of my dream”.

Ex.7. Расскажите о своей квартире, нарисуйте ее план, расположение комнат и мебели, используя лексику по теме.


Ex.1.Прочитайте, переведите и выучите следующие выражения:

1. Let me help you.

2. Is there anything I can do for you?

3. Thank you very much indeed.

4. Thanks awfully.

5. I’m very grateful to you.

6. That’s (most/ very/ awfully) kind of you.

7. How very kind of you.

8. Not at all.

9. You are welcome.

10. Don’t mention it.

11. It’s a pleasure.

Ex. 2. Попросите кого-нибудь в группе сделать следующее, а затем выразите свою благодарность.

1. to tell you the time;

2. to tell you the way to the nearest shop;

3. to lend you some money;

4. to write to you;

5. to post a letter for you.

Ex. 3. Составьте диалог, используя фразы благодарности.

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