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Doors and Slides Cockpit Control System - Система контроля дверей и трапов.


Warnings are automatically displayed on the ENGINE/WARNING display and on the SYSTEM

display. Unlocked doors are shown in amber text on the ENGINE/WARNING DISPLAY. At the same time the DOOR PAGE is displayed on the SYSTEM display.


If the engines are running and a door is not locked, the MASTER CAUTION light flash and a

single chime sounds in the cockpit.

(3) SYSTEM Display

Warnings are automatically displayed on the SYSTEM display and on the ENGINE/WARNING


Door locked & armed: The door symbol is green and there is no message.

Door open: The door symbol and the message OPEN are amber.

No data: The door symbol shows an X in amber, the message

NO DATA is white.

Slide armed: The message SLIDE adjacent to the door is white.

Water supply and waste removal system

Система водоснабжения и удаления отходов

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