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Keep your sentence average length low

Sentence length is crucial to good writing. Almost everything written by good writers has an average sentence length of between 15 and 20 words. This doesn’t mean writing every sentence the same length. Good writers naturally vary the length and rhythm of their sentences—longer sentences balanced with shorter ones—but they keep their average sentence length well below 20 words.

Use simple words rather than complex ones

Many writers have difficulty keeping their message simple and clear. Instead of using everyday words they use complex or unfamiliar words. Simple, everyday words will help you get your message across. Too often we use words such as additional, indicate, initiate and proliferate for extra, show, start and spread.

Order and sequence

As well as containing the right amount of information, your letter should also make all the necessary points in a logical sequence, with each idea or piece of information linking up with the previous one in a pattern that can be followed. Do not jump around making a statement, switching to other subjects, then referring back to the point you made a few sentences or paragraphs before. The ideas and information should be in a clear logical order.

Use active verbs rather than passive verbs

Using active verbs rather than passive verbs is the key to good writing. Why? Because passive verbs are longwinded, ambiguous, impersonal and dull. Active verbs make your writing simpler, less formal, clearer and more precise. Here's an example:

Passive: It was agreed by the committee...
Active: The committee agreed...


Special care should be taken when using prepositions. There is a big difference between “The price has been increased to £15.00”, “The price has been increased by £15.00”, and “The price has been increased from £15.00”.

3.3. What are seven c’s that you should follow? Each letter/memorandum should be: clear, concise, correct, courteous, conversational, convincing (убедительный), complete


What is memos?

Memorandums are written internal communications which advise or inform employees of policies and procedures that their company has decided to adopt. There are numerous subjects that memos deal with, from informing staff of a retirement, to announcing important administrative or structural changes in the company.

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