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The parts of adjustments


Parts of adjustments

1) Opening: Begin with a reference to the date of the original letter of complaint and to the purpose of your letter. Acknowledge that you have received the complaint, express your concern over the writer's troubles and your appreciation that he has written you.

2) Explaining the mistake If the complaint is justified, explain how the mistake occurred but do not blame your staff; you employed them, so you are responsible for their actions. There is no need for the suppliers to go into a long story of how the mistake was made; a short explanation will be enough. Explanations for why the situation occurred are of less importance than the solution.

3) Getting time to investigate the complaint Sometimes you cannot deal with a complaint immediately, as the matter needs to be looked into. Do not leave your customer waiting, but tell him what you are doing straight away.

4) Solving the problem Having acknowledged your responsibility and explained what went wrong, you must, of course, put matters right as soon as possible and tell your customer that you are doing so. If you grant the request, don't sound as if you are doing so in a begrudging way

5) Rejecting a complaint If you think the complaint is unjustified, you can be firm but polite in your answer. But even if you deny responsibility, you should always try to give an explanation of the problem. Refusal of compensation tests your diplomacy and tact as a writer.

6) Closing It is useful when closing your letter to mention that this mistake, error, or fault is an exception, and it either rarely or never happens, and of course you should apologize for the inconvenience your customer experienced. Conclude the letter cordially, perhaps expressing confidence that you and the writer will continue doing business, assure him that such a thing will never happen again. Finally, let your customer know how much you appreciate the business connection with him. If possible, point to a new line you are bringing out or make him a special offer.

The ways of correcting mistakes which have been made?

Ways of correcting mistakes

1) To send immediately replacements for damaged or faulty goods

2) To send immediately missing units

3) To pay full or partial reimbursement within a fixed period of time

4) To repair defective product at your own expense

5) To carry out a careful inspection and to inform your customer about its results in a report.

And many other ways according to the situation are possible.

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