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I. D. Translate the sentences

1. When I met them they had already been married for two months. 2. I wasn’t hungry. I had just had dinner. 3. He didn’t want to go to the theatre with us because he had already seen this play. 4. Tom had just got home when I phoned. He had been in Paris. 5. He wondered where she had gone. 6. I didn’t know who he was. I had never seen him before. 7. When we came home last night we noticed that somebody had broken into the flat. 8. I was very nervous on the plane. I hadn’t flown before. 9. He hadn’t studied German before he went to Germany.

I. E. Complete the sentences using Past Perfect

1. He went to Mary’s house but she wasn’t there. She (go out) 2. It was very nice to see Tom again. I (not see) him for ten years. 3. He offered her something to eat but she wasn’t hungry. She (just have dinner) 4. Last year they went to India. It was their first time there. They (never be) there before. 5. I went to the village I used to live in when I was a child. It wasn’t the same as before. It (change) a lot. 6. She felt sorry for what she (do) 7. I (not know) the truth until he told me everything. 8. He asked me where I (be) 9. They (finish) dinner before he came.

II. A. Practise the dialogue - Hello. - Hi. - Are you from France? - No, I’m from Germany. - What city are you from? - I’m from Frankfurt. - Oh, really? By the way, my name is Ann. - Hi, I’m Rosa. - Meet my friend. This is Miss Martin from Germany. She works in our branch in Berlin. Our head office is in Bond Street. - Happy to meet you Miss Martin. I have a feeling that we’ve met before. - Most probably, your face seems familiar to me. - Now, I recollected. We met at the art gallery a few days ago. - Right you are. Exactly so. - Are you on vacation here? - Yes, I’m. I’m on a tour. Glad to meet you. - Pleased to meet you too. - Take a seat. How about some coffee? - Yes, with pleasure. Black with sugar, please. - What do you do for a living? - I work with Fox’s Company. We design and manufacture electronic equipment. - What’s your main duty (responsibility)? - I’m responsible for technical super- vision of electronic equipment. - Are you satisfied with your job? - Yes, of course. It’s interesting and fruitful. At the office I look through the mail, read cables and write business letters. I also talk business over the telephone, receive clients, and make different treaties. I participate in striking different transactions, concluding economic arrangements and signing agreements. But I’m satisfied with my work in every respect.

III. A. Translate the following international words: interview [′intəvju:],St. Petersburg [snt′pi:təzbə:g], phrase [freiz],marketing [′mα:kitiŋ],competence[′kɔmpitəns],tourism [′tuərizm], financial [fai′nænòəl],period [′piəriəd],

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