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Therein в течение того или иного времени

1. Complete the sentences with the words below. Mind the form of the words challenge, to monitor, to preserve, to replenish, to merge, to enhance, sustainability

1) …. is a process which tells of a development of all aspects of human life.

2) We must … natural resources for future generations.

3) Three small companies … into a large one.

4) The technology of production will … the resource base.

5) Reducing unemployment will be the main … for the new government.

6) When natural resources are used too fast they can’t be … .

2. Using a dictionary complete the table.

Verbs Adjectives Nouns

3. Make nouns from the following verbs

to diversify

to engage

to aspire

to sustain

to preserve

to merge

4. Form meaningful word combinations using the words from both columns and translate them into Russian.

sustainable finite equitable reviving to further to enhance irreversible growth rights resources process forestry progress the case of peace


Text 1

1. Read the text with the focus on the following points:

- a growing interest in sustainable development in the temporary world;

- the concern of European countries for sustainable forestry in the 18th and

19th centuries;

- the meaning of the word “development in the context of sustainable


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