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Speak about the UK. Use the given information.

Name:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Location: British Isles, north-west of Europe.

Ocean: Atlantic

Seas: North, Irish.

GB -- English Cannel -- France.

Kingdom à England -----------------à rose

à Scotland -------------------à thistle floral emblem

à Wales ----------------------à daffodil

à Northern Ireland ---------à shamrock

Territory: > 244,000 sq. km.

Population: > 56 mln. from Roman, Saxon, Viking invaders; native – Celts (Wales,

Scotland, Ireland).

Capital: London.

Highlands: n. – w., low mountains, lakes.

Lowlands: vast plain.

Rivers: not long : Severn - longest, rather deep ; Thames - deepest.

Climate: warm, damp, mild – whole year.

Industrial development: high - iron and steel, machinery, electronics, chemicals,

textile, aircraft, ships, navigation equipment.

The Political System of Great Britain

Learn the pronunciation of the given words.

approval bourgeois candidate conservative criticize democratic election Elizabeth finally government hereditary labour ‘pru:v l ‘bu wa: ‘kændidit k n ’s :v tiv ‘kritisaiz ,dem ‘krætik i ’lektr n i ‘liz b θ ‘fain li ‘gΛvnm nt hi ’redit ri ‘leib majority monarch(y) MPs oppose opposition parliament peer reign representative sign social succeed support m ‘d riti ‘m n k(i) ,em ’pi:z ‘pouz , p ‘zi n ‘pa:l m nt pi rein ,repri ‘zent tiv sain ‘sou l s k ’si:d s ‘p :t

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