I. Read the text and choose the right answer to the questions below.


The Open University


The Open University is the most recently established university in Great Britain. It was set up in 1969 for those people who missed the chance of going to an ordinary university. The university differs from other universities in that its students work in full time jobs and can study only in their free time by means of distance teaching materials, through correspondence and broadcasting. Students study about ten hours a week and they do a lot of watching and listening to the weekly lectures through different communication systems.

As the university is really ´´open´´ neither formal entrance examinations, nor qualifications are required at undergraduate level. Students are admitted on a ´´first came, first served´´ basis. Each student gets the help of his own tutor who he meets regularly.

The university has some faculties and three programmes of study-undergraduate, associate and postgraduate. The Bachelor of Art degree is built up on a credit system. Students final mark is based on the exams in October and on the written assignments during the year.

It takes six or eight years of study at the usual speed of course.


1. How does the Open University differ from ordinary universities?

a) people study independently and only pass exams;

b) they study by correspondence;

c) they get the Master degree in some 3-4 years.


2. How can people be admitted to the Open University?

a) Through competitive system;

b) they take entrance exams;

c) on the basis of ´´first came, first served´´.


3. Who helps the students of the open University in their study?

a) lecturers b) tutors c) dons

4. How many years do students study at the Open University?

a) 3-4 years b) 5-6 years c) 6-8 years


5.What degree can a graduate of the Open University get?

a) Bachelor of Arts b) Master of Arts c) Doctor of Arts.



II. Choose the correct answer:

1.This morning I had apple and some toasts for breakfast.

a) a b) the

c) an d)

2.In the south very hot in summer.

a) is it b) there is

c) is d) it is

3.Unemployment among young people constantly.

a) has increased b) had increased

c) is increasing d) increased

4. any furniture in the room?

a) Are there b) There is

c) Is there d) There are

5. Whats the news? You look happy. good?

a) Are they b) Is it

c) There are d) Are there

6. Life is much and more convenient now.

a) easier b) more easier

c) easiest a) most easiest

7.In winter the water and people can walk across the ice and snow.

a) is freezing b) freezes

c) freeze d) was freezing

8. I video games for two years.

a) collected b) was collecting

c) have been collecting d) am collecting

9. My sister a first-year student.

a) is b) has

c) does d) gets

10. I stay home on my day off.

a) recently b) yesterday

c) always d) next month

11. In winter much snow in England.

a) isnt b) it isnt

c) there isnt d) doesnt

12. Jane piano lessons since last June.

a) is taking b) has been taking

c) takes d) has taken

13. She speaks English than Jane does.

a) worse b) worst

c) the worst d) badly

14. The information is top secret, so naturally, everybody is interested in

a) them b) they

c) it d) their


15. They looked each other in surprise.

a) with b) after

c) at d) for

16. What he do for a living?

a) do b) is

c) are d) does

17. A typist is someone who letters and reports.

a) types b) type

c) is typing d) are typing



18. The meeting is held on the first Monday of the month.

It never changes.

a) sometimes b) always

c) often d) usually

19. John skipped his class as he didnt want to the test.

a) take b) pass

c) examine d) check

20. Tom usually football.

a) is playing b) plays

c) has played d) has been playing

21. Whatyour parents address?

a) are b) is

c) has d) does

22. I ...(not) interested in English at all..

a) do b) am

c) did d) is

23. Mag and her sister ... live in Rome.

a) arent b) doesnt

c) dont d) isnt

24. I dont know Spanish, but I (learn) it now.

a) learn b) am learning

c) have learnt d) have been learning

25. Usually I (have coffee) in the morning, but now I (drink) tea.

a) am having coffee a) drink

b) have coffee b) am drinking

26. Diana (come) to the party tomorrow?

a) do b) has

c) shall d) will

27.There is somebody at the door. I open..

a) will b) am going to

28. We generally have lunch at 12.30, but yesterday we (have) lunch later.

a) were having b) had been having

c) has d) had

29. The weather is nice today, but it (be) bad yesterday.

a) were b) was

c) has been d) had been

30. We rarely watch television, but last week we (watch) a lot of interesting programmes.

a) were watching b) was watching

c) watched d) had been watching

31. you ever (be) to Italy?

a) Havebeen b) Didbe

c) Do be d) Hadbeen

32. They already (inform) me about the accident.

a) has informed b) have informed

c) informed d) have been informing

33. How long you (sit) here?

a) have you been sitting b) do you sit

c) are you sitting d) have you sat

34. London is than New York.

a) more old b) oldest

c) more older d) older

35. I met my (good) friend yesterday.

a) better b) best

c) goodest d) more good



1. John lives in London. an English boy.

a) Hes b) Shes c) Its d) Im


2. Im sorry. I understand you.

a) no b) not c) doesnt d) dont


3. I speak English. What language?

a) you speak b) do you speak c) speak you d) does you speak


4. Where is Peter now? He in Paris.

a) work b) is working c) working d) are working


5. Why your dinner? Because I dont like it.

a) you not eat b) eat you not c) arent you eating d) youre not eating


6. Next month we our car.

a) is selling b) are sell c) are selling d) shall selling


7.Go to the National Gallery. I there yesterday.

a) go b) going c) went d) gone


8.What? They wanted some chocolate.

a) they wanted b) wanted they c) were they want d) did they want


9. When I saw her she to Michael.

a) talked b) was talking c) did talk d) talk


10. Did you understand that? No, Ivery well.

a) was not understanding b) did not it understand c) did not understood it

d) did not understand it


11. George the tickets and now he wants the money.

a) has already bought b) has already buy c) already bought d) will already buy


12. your homework yet?

a) Werent you finished b) Havent you finished c) Didnt you finish

d) You havent finished


13. Mr. and Mrs. Brown to Germany.

a) never have be b) has never been c) have never been d) did never be


14. They so much they went to sleep in the garden.

a) were eating b) had eaten c) eat d) have eaten


15. Where have you been? We here for you for an hour.

a) had waited b) wait c) was waiting d) have been waiting


16. The bookin 1936.

a) is written b) was written c) has written d) wrote


17. These cakes

a) was just made by Jane b) by Jane was just been made

c) have just been made from Jane d) have just been made by Jane


18. television tonight?

a) Go you to watch b) Watch you c) Are you going to watch d) Go you to watching


19. Why cant you come tomorrow? free?

a) Shall you not be b) Wont you be c) Wont you being d) Arent you being


20. Tea will be ready when David home.

a) will get b) gets to c) shall get d) gets


21. If you eat too much, youill.

a) will be b) shall be c) are being d) will been


22. Steves off to China, ?

a) has he b) isnt he c) hasnt he d) was he


23. Learning a computer language is not the samelearning a real language.

a) as b) than c) like d) that


24. To my mind the government take care of old people.

a) ought b) need to c) must d) may


25. Whos coming with me?

a) I am b) I do c) Im d) Ill


26.Must I go ther by train? No,

a) you neednt b) you mustnt c) you dont d) you dont go

27. Im late,?

a) am not I b) amnt I c) arent I d) wasnt I


28. What was that? I didnt hear

a)none b) something c) nothing d) anything


29. How sweets have you got left?

a) many b) little c) much d) any


30. These pens are red. Theyre

a) pens red b) red pens c) reds pens d) red pen


31. This isnt your book. Its book.

a) me b) mine c) my d) I


32.Annas got two watches. The watches are

a) her b) hers c) she d) shes


33. That coat belongs to Stephen. Its

a) Stephens coat b) Stephen coat c) The coat of Stephen d) Stephens the coat


34. Im not as tall as you. You areI am.

a) taller as b) taller than c) more tall as d) more taller than


35. My brother is 18 and I am 14. He is

a)elder than me b) elder than I am c) as old as me d) older than I am


36. The train leaves the morning

a) to 6 oclock In b) at 6 oclock in c) at 6 oclock of d) to 6 oclock of


37.I have not been to England ten years.

a) for b) since c) from d) during


38. He started learning English ages

a) since b) ago c) before d) yet


39. My French is very good. I speak French

a) good b) well c) goodly d) badly


40.Would you speak please?

a) clearer b) more clearly c) more clearer d) clearlier


41. The lady you were talking to is my wife.

a) which b) she c) whom d) who


42. Come for dinner, and your friend too.

a) take b) get c) carry d) bring


43. I think you had better and see them.

a) to go b) going c) go d) be going


44. My sister on my birthday.

a) to me gave a book b) gave me a book c) gave a book me

d) gave to me a book


45. Why dont you?

a) ask him help you b) ask him to help c) ask him to help you

d) ask him helping you


46. Has the postman been yet? No,

a) he comes always late b) he always comes late c) comes he late always

d)is coming late always


47. Is there anything worthin this magazine?

a) to read b) read c) reading d) reads


48. I get up early on Monday.

a) am able b) have to c) must d) may


49. Harry is looking a job. He wants to work in a hotel.

a) about b) on c) for d) of


50.Nobody answers the phone. They be out.

a) should b) would c) can d) must


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