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Everybody says your youth is probably the best time of your life, that being young means romance, love, new discoveries and so on. But it is also the most difficult time because you have to make some very important decisions which will influence all your future life.
Things are not easy nowadays even for adults, but for teenagers who have to find their own place in society, it's very difficult. It is necessary not only to adapt to your society, but also to be confident about your position in five, ten or twenty years time. For your future it is essential to have a good job. And to get a really good job you have to be well-educated. Every girl or boy leaving secondary school should choose an institution of higher education or, if he or she doesn't want to study any more, choose a job straight way. In planning your future you have to think about the possibility of finding a job after finishing your education. But even if you are studying, you need some money of your own. Your parents probably will provide you with home, food and necessary clothes, but you will have your own tastes, and your parents won't pay for them. To pay for extra clothes, tapes, books, things necessary for your hobbies, you have to work, and in our country it is very difficult for a teenager to find a job without any qualification. You're lucky if you can do something that others can't; for example, if you're good at Maths or English, you can give lessons. Emotional problems for young people can be far more difficult than financial ones. The typical teenager problem is that «nobody understands me». The parents often continue to treat their teenage children as if they were infant, when they probably consider themselves to be grown up. Youth is also the time to meet your first love. It is, of course, wonderful, but, as it is widely known that first love often has an unhappy end, this also encreases young people's problems. Even friends cannot always stay friends. When young people begin to understand themselves a little bit better, old friends sometimes just grow apart.
So, as you see, it is very difficult to be young nowadays, as, indeed, it always was. But you only can be young once, and some wonderful things can happen only when you're young. So, it is better to enjoy youth while it lasts.

Заполните пропуски глаголами” to be”и “ to have” в правильной форме.

1.How old…you? 2. I…a miner. 3. We …a fine flat. 4.She …in the kitchen.

Дополните предложения пропущенными притяжательными местоимениями.

1. I hope you enjoy … holiday. 2 . We’ll invite you round to … house sometime and complete these by addig a possessive with own. 3 . You must make up … own mind. 4 . The children had to cook … own supper.

Напишите следующие количественные числительные прописью

5; 21; 52; 83;

5. Выберите в скобках правильный вариант модального глагола.

1.The fridge is full, so we … (must not/needn’t) go shopping. 2.Our employees … (can/must) sign this agreement. 3.We … (may/ought to) reserve a table in advance if we want to have dinner there. 4.I … (can’t/needn’t) believe it! You … (have to/must) be joking.


Поставьте глаголы в скобках в Present Perfect.

1.The garden is very green. It _____ (rain) a lot this month. 2.These are my favourite trousers. I _____ (have) them for five years. 3.Tom's my best friend. I _____ (know) him for three years. 4.They _____ (live) in Miami for two years.


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Переведите текст на русский язык.

Problems of Youth

Life used to be fun for 'teenagers'. They used to have money to spend, and free time to spend it in. They used to wear teenage clothes, and meet in teenage coffee bars and discos. Some of them still do. But for many young people, life is harder now. Jobs are difficult to find. There's not so much money around. Things are more expensive, and it's hard to find a place to live.

Teachers say that students work harder than they used to. They are less interested in politics, and more interested in passing exams. They know that good exam results may get them better jobs.

Most young people worry more about money than their parents did twenty years ago. They try to spend less and save more. They want to be able to get homes of their own one day.

For some, the answer to unemployment is to leave home and look for work in one of Britain's big cities. Every day hundreds of young people arrive in London from other parts of Britain, looking for jobs. Some find work, and stay. Others don't find it, and go home again, or join the many unemployed in London. There used to be one kind of teenage fashion, one style, one top pop group. Then, the girls all wore mini-skirts and everyone danced to the music of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

But now an eighteen-year-old might be a punk, with green hair and chains round his legs, or a skin head, with short, short hair and right wing politics, or a 'rasta', with long uncombed hair and a love for Africa. There's a lot of different music around too. There's reggae, the West Indian sound, there's rock, there's heavy metal, country and western, and disco. All these kinds of music are played by different groups and listened to by different fans.

When you read the newspapers and watch the news on television, it's easy to get the idea that British young people are all unemployed, angry and in trouble.

But that's not true. Three quarters of them do more or less what their parents did. They do their best at school, find some kind of work in the end, and get married in their early twenties. They get on well with their parents, and enjoy family life. They eat fish and chips, watch football on TV, go to the pub, and like reading about pop stars. After all, if they didn't, they wouldn't be British, would they?

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