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Качество записи аудиокассет зависит от оригинальных мастеров сделанных самими музыкантами. 3 страница

CAVATICUS"Amentia. 2006 & Live. 2003" - 80 min. Of Raw Black Metal (France)250 р.

CAPITOLLIUM "Symphony Of Possession" - Symphonic & Atmospheric Black Metal (Ukraine) 200 р.

CAPITOLLIUM "Undivine Antipathy" - Symphonic & Atmospheric Black Metal (Ukraine) 200 р.

CATHEDRAL OF LIGHT "Slaughter The Heretics" - Raw Black Metal (Australia)250 р.
CAST IN STONE "Demoncrypt" - Death /Black Metal (Finland)200 р.

CAST IN STONE"The Crossign" - Doom Metal In The Candlemass Vein (Finland)200 р.

CATHARSIS "Крылья" - Melodic Heavy Metal (Russia)250 р.

CATHARSIS "Imago" - Gothic /Melodic Heavy Metal (Russia)Pro Tape 200 р.

CATARRH"Nightflight" - Death Metal (Malaisia)200 р.

CALORIC"EP 2001" - Melodic Black Metal (Thailand)200 р.

CAMOS "Baal Zebuth, Baal Beth Zebuth" - Black Metal (Brazil)200 р.
"Black Metal Night" - Black Metal (Brazil)200 р.
''Demo 2002'' - Instrumental Atmospheric Dark /Doom Metal (SVK)200 р.

CREPÚSCULO MALDITO ''Necro Metal Punks'' - Acoholic, Raw & Evil Necro Metal'n'roll (Portugal)200 р.

CRUTCHES "FörlOrAD" - Aggressive Crust /Hardcore (Sweden)200 р.
CHRISTINVERTION "Embodiment Of Goat Blasphemy" - Grind /Black Metal (Russia) 200 р.
CHAOTIC SYMMETRY (Darkthule member!) "Apo Thn Abysso Ths Mavrhs Mou Psyxhs" -Pagan/Black Metal (Greece) 250 p.
CHAOS CREATION / WARNAMENT "Arrows Of Agony" - Old-Shool Thrash Metal (Finland-Macedonia) 200 р.

CHAOSBAPHOMET "Temple Of Serpent Baphomet" - Raw Evil True Black Metal (Greece)200 р.

CHIMERA "Nothing But Illusion" - Evil & Atmospheric Black Metal with depressive elements (Italy) 200 р.

CHRIST CONSUMER "Disgust" - Black Metal (USA)200 р.
CHAINED AND DESPERATE"Oracles From..." - Black / Doom Metal (Greece)200 р.

CHEMICAL WARFIRE (Pre GODS TOWER!) "Demolition Tape" - Thrash /Death Metal (Belarus)250 р.

CHEVAUCHEE "Whisper Of Ural Mountains" - Depressive Black Metal (Russia)250 р.
CHLOD"Drowned In Oblivion" - Incredibly Cold Black Metal(Poland)200 p.

CEMETERY OF SCREAM "Prelude To A Sentimental Journey" - Black /Doom Metal (Poland)250 p.

CEMETARY "Incarnation Of Morbidity (Demo 1991)" - Death Metal (Sweden)200 р.

CENOBITE "Lament Configuration" - Horror Death Metal (Russia)200 р.
CENOTAPH"Promo Tape Demo`1996" - Brutal Death Metal (Turkey)200 р.

CELTEFOG"Rats" - Pagan / Black Metal (Greece) 200 р.

CEMETERY FOG "Journey To Hell" - Black / Death / Doom Metal (Finland) 200 р.

CIANIDE "Second Life (Demo 1991)" - Death Metal (USA)200 р.

CIANIDE "Funeral (Demo 1990)" - Death Metal (USA)200 р.

CICATRIX "Unearth (Demo) (1996)" - Death Metal (Poland)200 р.

CIRCLE OF HATE "Demo # 1-07. 2007" - Death /Doom Metal (France) 200 р.

COP ON FIRE "Discography" - Aggressive Crust /Hardcore (Spain)250 р.
CORONER"Death Cult (Demo 1986)" - Technical Thrash Metal (Switzerland)200 р.

CORPSES"Rehearsal (Demo 1991)" - Death Metal with Raw sound! (France)100 р.

COVEN CURSE "Evil Rise" - Evil Raw Black Metal (France)200 р.

COCKER ONANIZER "Под Шелест Трусов…" - Raw Noisecore / Grind Core / Death Metal (Ukraine)200 р.

CONTRASTIC"Contrastic" - Brutal Death Metal (Czech Republic) 200 р.

CONVULSE "Resuscitation Of Evilness (Demo 1990)" - Death Metal (Finland)200 р.

CONDITION RED "Condition Red" - Progressive Metal (Sweden)250 p.

CORPUS CHRISTII "Tormented Belief" - True Black Metal с Necromorbus (Funeral Mist) за ударной установкой (Portugal) 400 р.

CONJURATION "Demo 1" - Old-school Horror Heavy / Black Metal (Finland) 200 р.

COSMIC WEAPON OF THULE"Aryan Unity" - NS Techo /World Music (USA)200 р.

COSMIC WEAPON OF THULE "NS Techno" - 90 min. of NS Electronic Music (USA)200 р.

COSMIC WEAPON OF THULE / STIKRE FORCE 28 "Elite Techno Propaganda" - Electronic / NS Techno (USA)200 р.

COUNT DE NOCTE "Nos Omnes Una Manet" - Atmospheric Black Metal (Finland) 200 р.

COUNT SHANNATH "Anti-Social Dogma" - Chaotic Black Metal (USA)200 р.

CRYSTALLINE DARKNESS ''Melancolica Nostalgia'' - Cold, Depressive & Misanthropic Black Metal (Portugal)200 р.

CRADLE OF FILTH"Orgiastic Pleasures Foul (Demo 1992)" - Raw Black Metal with keyboards (UK)250 р.

CRAZER"Oderint Dum Metuant" - Powerful Death /Thrash Metal (Russia)200 р.

CRANIAL TORMENT "Death Is Rising (Demo 1999)" - Death Metal (Greece)200 p.

CRANIOTOMY "…And From Flesh To Bone" - Brutal Death Metal (Slovakia)200 р.

CREMATOR "Evil Brew (Demo 1987)" - Thrash /Speed Metal (Australia)200 р.

CREMATORY"The Exordium (Demo # 1 /1990)" - Death /Doom Metal (Sweden) 200 p.

CREMATORY"Wrath From The Unknown (Demo # 2 /1991)" - Death /Doom Metal (Sweden) 200 p.

CREMATORY"Confirmed Suffering (Demo 1989)" - Death /Thrash Metal (Finland)200 p.

CRUCIFIED CORPSE "Servile To The Serene (Demo 1995)" - Death Metal (Netherlands)200 р.

CRYPTORSATAN / IMPALLUS MORTIIS "United White Wolves 88" - NS Black Metal(Albania-Brazil)200 р.

CRYPTORSATAN"Serpentiiskvlt 666" - NS Black Metal (Albania)200 р.

CRYPTORSATAN / IMPALATORIUM "Volkische Bewegung" - NS Black Metal(Albania-Brazil)200 р.

CRYPTORSATAN / SATAN 88 "Antizionist Pactum Legion Satanicum 88" - NS Black Metal(Albania-Brazil)200 р.

CRYPTORSATAN"Stutthof Gas Chamber 1939" - NS Black Metal (Albania)200 р.

CRYPT "The Cry Of The Northern Winds" - Cold Forest Black Metal (Russia)200 р.

CRYPTIC"Demo II 1989"-Thrash Metal (Finland)200 p.

CRYSTAL MOORS "Dominion Of The Ancient Seal" - Celtic /Pagan & Occult Black /Doom Metal (Spain)200 р.
CRYFEMAL"Raising Deads, Burning Alives" - Raw Brutal True Black Metal (ES) 200 р.

CRYFEMAL "Escucha… La Muerte Persigue!!" - Сырой, свирепый, угрюмый True Black Metal (Spain) 200 р.

CRIPLE CHRIST"Нехай Iсус Горить У Вогнi" - Blasphemy Raw Death / Black Metal (Ukraine) 200 р.

CRYPTHOWL"Tragedies Beheld By The Cemetery"-SymphonicHorror Black Metal (Russia)200 р.

CRUCIFIXION BR "Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ"-Black Metal (Brazil)200 р.

CTHULHU RITES"Ku Chwale Mrocznych Eonów" - Black Metal (Poland) 200 р.

CLANGFORGE "Poetic Licence" - Chaotic Psycho Metal (Russia)200 р.

CROWNTHORN "In The Name Of Moonlight" - Melodic Death Metal (Russia) 200 р.

CURSED 13 "I Love Cyanide" - Black Metal (Sweden) 200 р.

CULTUS "Our Swords We Raise... Our Gods We Praise!" - Black Metal (Netherlands)250 р.
"Promo 2007" - Pagan /Black Metal (Holland)200 р.

CULT OF DAATH "The Triumphant Holocaust" - Black Metal (USA)250 p.

CURSED SCROLLS "Dunkel Hexenkunst" - Black Metal / 200 р.

CUT THROAT "Evilive" - Thrash Metal!Cult Release... 18 Tracks with Covers of Misfits, Hirax, Exodus, D.R.I, Razor, Warfare... (Japan)400 р.

CUMDEO"The Threads Of Imagination" - Doom /Death Metal (Russia)200 р.
On The Edge Of Black Eternity (Demo 1995)" - Death /Doom /Black Metal (Poland)200 р.

DARKWOODS "Бог Погань / Нерассказанная Песнь Волка" - Black Metal (Russia)250 p.(Death Fog productions)

DARK FURY / EVIL / PAGAN HELLFIRE "We Know How To Hate" - All three hordes present some of their best recordings in the styles they are known for. A monument of hate from three pillars of the True Black Metal underground (Poland-Brazil-Canada)250 p.

DARK FURY "Flooded Lands" - Black Metal (Poland)250 p.

DARK FURY "W.A.R." - Black Metal (Poland)250 p.

DARK FURY / POPRAVA "Furor Slavica" - Black Metal (Poland/ Czech)250 p.

DARK RHAPSODY "Funeral Mournful Song (Demo 1994)" - Thrash /Death Metal (Ukraine)200 p.

DAMMERUNG "Follow Your Own Shadow" - Pagan / Battle Metal (Ukraine)200 р.
"The Art In Pain (Demo 1989)" - Death /Thrash Metal (Greece)200 р.

DARK MONARCHY "Total Fucking War" - Black Metal Horde. Blasphemous, Warlike Sonic Death… (USA)250 p.
DARK MONARCHY "Poisoned Thorns Of Human Sorrow" - Second Demo of Black Metal Horde (USA)200 р.
DARK MONARCHY "Seven Visions Into The Epoch Of Holocaust" - Debut Album. The title says it all! (USA)200 р.
DARK PARANOIA "Emptied By Necessary Apathy" - Lifeless, Anti-human & Suicidal Black Metal. Just cut yourself with this rusty knife (Italy)200 р.

DARK FLAMES "Iluminar Da Morte" - Satanic Terror Black Metal (Brazil)200 р.

DARK LAND "Demo" - Русскоязычный Raw Black Metal (Russia)200 р.

DARK PROPHECY "Promo Tape 1992" - Black Metal (Portugal)200 р.

DAREN"Słowa" - Black Metal (Poland) 200 р.
DAWN OF DIVISION "Outrage Of Desolation" - Black Metal (Greece) 200 р.
DAWN OF DIVISION "Awaiting The Dawn" - Black Metal (Greece) 200 р.
DAUW"Duivelswerk" - 90 min. of Atmospheric Black Metal / Ambient (Netherlands) 250 р.

DAWHN "Dawhn" - Progressive Doom /Death Metal (Russia)250 р.

DARK TOWER"Beneath The Flame Of Asmodeus" - Black Metal (U.S.A.)200 р.

DARK TOWER"Blood Eagle Ritual" - Black Metal (U.S.A.)200 р.

DARKTHRONE "Cromlech (Demo 1989)" - Black Metal (Norway)200 р.

DARKTHRONE "Land Of Frost (Demo 1988)" - Black Metal (Norway)200 р.

DAEMONLORD"Of War And Hate" - Hateful Black Metal - сырой, агрессивный, злой… (Spain) 200 р.

DAYLIGHT NIGHTMARE / NOISES FROM THE VOID "Portrait Of Darkness" - Dark Drone Ambient (Russia)200 р.
DATURA "Fucking State" - Brutal Death Metal /Grind Core (Ukraine)200 р.

DARK INVERSION"Into The Pagan Depths" - Black Metal (Bulgaria)200 р.

DARKESTRACH"Манас" -Black /Folk Metal (France) 200 р.
DARKESTRACH"Khagan" -Black /Folk Metal (Kyrgyzstan)200 р.

DARKESTRACH "Epos"-Black /Folk Metal (Kyrgyzstan)200 р.

DARKESTRACH "Embrace Of Memory" -Black /Folk Metal (Kyrgyzstan)200 р.

DARKESTRACH "Sary Oy"-Black /Folk Metal (Kyrgyzstan)200 р.

DARKENED WINTER"Gates to Eternity" - UG Traditional Black Metal (Australia)250 р.

DARKENED WINTER "Raiders of Northland" - UG Traditional Black Metal (Australia)250 р.

DARKENED WINTER"Rise of the Pagan Flames" - UG Traditional Black Metal (Australia) 250 р.

DARKENED WINTER"Yggdrasil: Journey Throughout The Nine Worlds" - UG Traditional Black Metal (Australia) 250 р.

DARK PARANOIA / OBSURA MONOTONIA ANIMAE''Split'' - Depressive Black Metal / Melancholic Dark instrumental Suicidal Ambient /Black Metal (Italy) 200 р.

DAWN OF DIVISION "Outrage Of Desolation"- Hellish Black Attack! Raw, but sometimes very atmospheric (Greece)200 р.

DAWN OF DIVISION "Awaiting The Dawn"- Again Melancholic /Melodic Black Metal (Greece) 200 р.

DEATH"Live Tape (Demo 1984)" - Death Metal (USA) 250 p.

DEATH"Infernal Life (Live Tape #5) (Demo 1984)" - Death Metal (USA) 200 p.

DEAD "Musical Abortions (Demo 1986)" - Death Metal /Noise (US)200 р.

DEATH VOMIT "Live in Sumy" - Brutal Death Metal (Russia)200 р.

DEATHRONER (ex-Supremacy) "Self Titled" - An ironfist in the face of God, Intense & Evil Speed Metal bestiality (Canada)250 p.

DER MENSCH IST GOTT "Книга Тьмы". Часть 1. (Радомир, Infinite Flame, Telal, Nargathrond, Sunchariot, Satanic Nocturnal, Misanthropic Poetry, Vae Solis, Bog-Morok, Crypt, Ashen Light, Storming Darkness, Служители Грез, Odor Mortis, Valhalla, Simonia, Flame Exergon, Panacea, Miktlantekutly.) - Black Metal! 200 р.

DERANGED"Plainfield Cemetary" - Death Metal (Sweden)250 p.

DEATHSTARS"Synthetic Generation" - Gothic Industrial Metal (Sweden)250 p. (Irond)

DEFINITION SANE "The Trial" - Death Metal (Ukraine) 200 р.
DEFUNCTUS ASTRUM "Черная Звезда" - Black Metal (Belarus) 300 р.
DEEP DESOLATION "Boski Jad"- Black / Doom / Groove Metal (Poland)250 p.

DEVIL’S CODE "Bloodcode" - Среднетемповый, мрачный Black Metal (Brazil) 200 р.
DEUTERONOMY ''A Great Blessing'' - Aggressive Fast Black /Death Metal with epic & slower parts. Demonical drummer! (Greece)200 р.

DEADLY CARNAGE ''Decadenza'' - Killer Black Metal (Italy)200 р.

DEMIURG ''From The Throne Of Darkness'' - Raw Traditional Elite Polish Black Metal with synths (Poland)200 р.

DEMISE "Matanza, C​.​A." - Death Metal (Venezuela)250 р.

DÉMONOS "From Sacred To Profane" - Black /Death Metal (Germany) Pro Tape 250 p.

DEMONIC RAGE"Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies"-Old-School Death Metal(Chile)200 р.

DENY LIFE"Soundtrack To A Mass Riot" - Aggressive Grind Core / Screamo Metal… Heavy, furious grooves & powerful vocals. (France)200 р.

DÉSOLATION ''Sur Le Chemin De Nos Terre'' - Fast, Bleak & Destructive Raw Black Metal sing in french (France)200 р.

DECAMERON "My Grave Is Calling (Demo 1992)" - Death Metal (Sweden)200 р.

DEATHROW "Satan-s Gift" - Old-school Thrash Metal. 1986 (Germany)100 р.

DEVOTION ''Demo 1'' - Ugly, Evil & Rotten Raw UG Black Metal (Canada)200 р.

DRAUGGARD / CRIPTUM ''Nidgedichte'' - Raw Black /Thrash Metal (Russia-Italy)200 р.

DROOMSTYYG ''Vast Unknown Darkness'' - Hateful Raw Black Metal (USA)200 р.

DEADTHORN "W Ciemności... " - Second demo of this polish living tribiute to old days. Again it is the proud opposition to everything that is holy,

it is the dominance... The dominance 'In Darkness...' (Poland)250 р.

DEADTHORN "Daleko Od Boga... " - Old Tradition Of Unholy Death Metal(Polish) 250 р.
DEAD IN HUMAN SCUM"Necrose Prematura" - Grinding Death Metal (Brazil)200 р.

DEAD MARSH"Harmony Prevails" - Thrash Metal (Belarus)200 р.

DEATHSAINT "...And Death Will Embrace You" - Symphonic Black /Death /Dark Metal (Belarus)200 р.

DEATHCHURCH"Crushing The Dreams Of Benevolence" - Storming Brutal Black Metal (Japan)200 р.

DESECRATION"Chaotic Reality" - Death Metal (Brazil)200 р.

DEATHS HEAD "Feast Of The Jackals" - NS Hate Metal (Australia)200 р.

DEFLECTION"Violent Atrophy" - Brutal Death Metal (Russia)Pro Tape 200 р.

DEFLECTION"Violent Atrophy" - Brutal Death Metal (Russia)250 р.

DELIRIUM X TREMENS "Troi" - Death Metal (Italy)200 р.

DENIAL OF GOD"The Ghouls Of Dog"+ Bonus! - True Black Metal (Denmark)Pro Tape 200 р.

DENIAL OF GOD"The Ghouls Of Dog"+ Bonus! - True Black Metal (Denmark)200 р.

DEAD CHRIST CULT "Dead Christ" (1-st Demo 2003!) - Black Metal (Ukraine) 200 р.

DER MISANTHROPE / NACHTKRIEGER "Der Misanthrope / Nachtkrieger" - NS Black Metal (Canada)200 р.

DER STURMER "Europa Erwache!" - Raw NS Black Metal (Greece) 250 р.

DETHRONED CHRIST / EVIL / HAMMERGOAT "Unholy Trinity" - Black Metal (Brazil)200 р.
DEATHMOOR "Salvo Honoris Morte" - Atmospheric Black Metal from the deepest pits of nonexistence. Despite the fact, that this band comes from

south of russia, here you will be plunged into the atmosphere of coldness and slow freezing of your flesh (Russia)200 р.
DEATHMOOR "Mors Ultima Ratio" - Atmospheric Black Metal / The first full-lenght which was recorded after several years of silence. Cold and

gloomy atmosphere, permanent sense of death and estrangement along with deep lyrics of Suicide (Russia)200 р.
DEATH TRIUMPHANT "Life In The Middle Of Nothing" - Fast Evil Black Metal (Russia)350 р.

DEKONSTRUKTOR "Eating The Universe" - Stoner / Doom Metal (Russia)200 р.

DEMENTOR"Morbid Infection (Demo 1992)" - Brutal Death Metal (Slovakia)200 р.

DEMENTOR"The Church Dies" - Powerful Death Metal (Slovakia) 200 р.

DEMENTOR"The Art Of Blasphemy" - Powerful Death Metal (Slovakia)200 р.

DEMONIBUS"Да сгорят все божественные…!" - Raw Black Metal (Russia)200 р.

DEMILICH "The Echo (Demo 1992)" - Technical Death Metal (Finland)200 р.

DEMILICH"Regurgitation Of Blood (Demo 1991)" - Technical Death Metal (Finland)200 р.

DEMILICH "The Four Instructive Tales... Of Decomposition (Demo 1991)" - Technical Death Metal (Finland) 200 р.

DEMONIAC LORD "Lord Of All Desires In Life And After Death" - Black Metal (Brazil)200 р.

DECAYED "A Tribute To The Ancients" - Old School Black / Thrash Metal (Portugal)250 р.

DECAYED"The Book Of Darkness" - 74 min Of Pure Fucking Old School Black / Thrash Metal! (Portugal)250 р.

DECAYED"The Beast Has Risen" - The original 10 Tracks + Bonus Tracks. 74 min of Madness (Portugal)250 р.

DECAYED"The Ancient Brethren" - Old-School Black Fucking Metal from Lusitania! The original 12 Tracks + 2 bonus Tracks (Portugal) 250 р.

DECAYED"Blasphemic Offerings - The Singles 1993-2011" - 26 tracks for 90 min. For The True UG Black Metal Maniacs! (Portugal)250 р.

DEMONLORD "As Bastard As God" - Raw Black Metal (Spain)200 р.

DESTRUCTION"Bestial Invasion Of Hell (Demo 1984)" - Thrash Metal (Germany)350 р.

DESULTORY "Visions (Demo 1991)" - Death Metal (Sweden)200 р.

DESULTORY "Death Unfolds (Demo 1990)" - Death Metal (Sweden)200 p.

DERANGED "Sculpture Of The Dead / Architects Of Perversions" - Brutal Death Metal (Sweden)200 р.

DERANGED "Defacing World" - Thrash Metal (Chile)200 р.
DEATHONATOR"And Death Will Be My Saviour" - Intense Neo Doom /Death Metal (Russia)200 р.

DEATHONATOR"The Endsville" - Psycho Death Metal (Russia) 200 р.

DEATHONATOR "Paradise Of Pain (Demo 1994)" - Death Metal (Russia)200 р.

DEAD FUTUR "Inner Fear"/1998 - Death Metal (Bulgaria)200 p.

DEMON DAGGER "Demon Dagger (Demo 1996)" - Thrash /Heavy Metal (Portugal)200 р.

DETERIORATE "Deteriorate (Demo 92)" - Death Metal (USA)200 р.

DETONATOR "Anthology 1992-1997" - 72 min. of Great Technical Death Metal (Russia) 200 р.

DER GERWELT "Nordlich Sturm" - Satanic Black Metal (Russia) Pro Tape 200 р.

DER GERWELT "Nordlich Sturm" - Satanic Black Metal (Russia) 200 р.

DER GERWELT "Revelation 666" - Satanic Black Metal (Russia)200 р.

DEW OF NOTHING "Doubleweird"/1998 - Melodic Death Metal (Mexico)Pro Tape 200 p.

DER MISANTHROPE "Renonciation : Détachement : Suicide" - Black Metal (Canada)350 p.

DEVILGROTH "Landschaft"-Atmospheric ColdBlack Metal (Russia)200 р.

DEVIATED INSTINCT "Tip Of The Iceberg (Demo 1986)" - Crust Punk/Death Metal (USA)200 р.

DUB BUK "Русь Понад Усе!" - Aryan NS Pagan Metal (Ukraine)300 р.

DR.FAUST "Bad Time, Bad Place" - Great Brutal Death Metal (Russia)200 р.

DJUR "В Потоках Хаоса Кровей" - Black Metal (Russia) 350 p.

DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLES"Manifesto Of Death" - Black Metal (Brazil)250 р.

DIABOLICAL STORM "The Innermost Ways To Might" - Hateful Black Metal (Russia)200 р.

DIE ENTWEIHUNG "One Shot In April" - Experimental Black Metal (Israel)200 р.

DIE ENTWEIHUNG "The Last Shelter" - Raw Black Metal (Israel)200 р.

DIE ENTWEIHUNG "The Hallucinations / Hypnotic Dreams" - 90 minutes of Experimental Depressive Black Metal (Israel)200 р.

DICTATOR "Birth Of Virgin Feelings" - Hateful Black Metal (Russia)200 р.

DICTATOR"Destined To Suffer" -Thrash Metal (Chile)200 р.

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER "Soft And Stronger" - Melodic Black /Death Metal (Germany) 250 p. Irond / Nuclear Blast

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER "Have A Nice Trip" - Melodic Black /Death Metal (Germany) 250 p. Irond / Nuclear Blast

DIFFERENT SEASON"Bleeding Summer" - Atmospheric Death /Doom Metal. Грузные гитары, мерные ударные, красивые клавиши, сочный гроул. Звуки печали, тоски обвалакивают полностью и чрез эти тягучие нити, увязая, утопая, прижимаясь к земле вы не захотите пробираться на свет, который, все равно, неизбежно наступит, что еще больше печалит… (Russia)200 р.

DIRTY SHIRT"Very Dirty" - Vigorous Progressive Power Metal with Industrial elements… (Romania)200 р.

DISHARMONICAL TEMPEST"Diatessaron" - Замечательный образец комбинирования Death /Thrash Metal c атмосферными элементами Doom Metal. Тяжелые гитарные риффы, яркие мелодии… (Brazil)200 р.

DISGORGE "Necroholocaust" - Gore Grind Core!!!!!! (Spain)200 р.

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