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Grammar. Choose the correct answer.


1. My box ______green.

a. is              b. are

2. Larry and Lulu ______ in the garden.

a. is              b. are

3. It ______ a dog.

a. is               b. are

4. I _______ ice-cream.

a. like           b. likes

5. Ann______ pizza.

a. like           b. likes

6. We_______ chicken.

a. don’t like  b. doesn’t like

7. Sam ______ chocolate.

a. don’t like  b. doesn’t like

8. I __________sandcastle now.

a. am making            b. are making making

9. He _________ a bike now.

a. are riding         b. is riding            c. am riding                

10. We _________games now. 

a. am playing         b. are playing c. is playing

Grammar. Образуй из личного местоимения притяжательное.

I MY            It______________

He___________                            She_____________

You_____________                                     We______________


Дополнительная часть. «Ученик получит возможность научится»

Часть 2.

Reading and Writing. Read and write the answers.

My name’s Ann. I’m in year 3 at school. My favorite subject is Art.

I’ve got a sister, Kate, and a brother, Sam. I like pasta and burgers,

I don’t like eggs and rice.

My room is yellow. I’ve got many toys: a green train, a brown cat and a red mouse.

1. The girl name is:

a) Amy  b) Anya c) Ann

2. The girl is in :

a) year 4 at school b) year 3 at school c) year 5 at school

3. She has got:

a) two sister and brother b) sister and two brother c) sister and brother

4. She does not like:

a)eggs and rice b) pasta and burgers c) art and school

5. Her room is:

a) green b) brown c) yellow

6. She has got:

a) brown train b) green cat c) red mouse



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