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Learn the following words

to be born - родиться

to move to - переезжать

to take a special liking - особенно увлекаться

to do well - хорошо учиться

to be in the military service - находиться на военной службе

to enter - поступить

to leave - закончить, оставить; to finish school – закончить школу; но graduate from University - закончить университет

to take part = to participate - принимать участие

to be a participant - быть участником

to cover - покрывать (пройти)

to be wounded - быть раненым

to remain - оставаться

to join - вступать, присоединяться


Exercise 1. Read and translate the words.


to be born: was born on the 1st of May, were born at the same day. Twins were born on the 1st of April. When and where were you born?

to do (did, done): to do well, to do well at school. How did he do at school? He is doing well at the University now.

to take (took, taken): to take a special liking, to take care of, to take a special liking to literature, to take care of children. What did he take a special liking to? I always take care of my cat and dog.

to take part, to participate, to be a participant. He took part in the war. Did you participate in military actions?

to leave (left): to finish, to graduate from, to leave school, to finish work, to graduate from the University. He left school last year. He’ll graduate from the University in 5 years.

to join: to join army, to join the party, to join the scientific society, joint, joint operation. He joined Russian Army and served there for 2 years.

Exercise 2. Make up sentences with the following verbs.

Did you finish school last year ?

- Yes, I did.

- No, I didn’t.


To spend, to move, to go, to do well, to enter, to take part in, to leave, to serve, to join, to make up one’s mind.


Exercise 3. Get information about your friend. Use verbs above.

Where did you study?

What did you do last month?

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