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The Student’s Daily Routine.

Learn the following words

daily routine - распорядок дня

to start with ( morning exercises) - начинаться с ( утренней зарядки)

canteen - столовая

to get up - вставать

to wash - умываться

to dress - одеваться

to last from … till - длиться с … до

to aсquire knowledge - получать (приобретать) знания

to prepare for (the lesson, seminar) - готовиться к уроку, семинару

to have a lecture on - иметь лекцию по …

to be through – закончить

to acquire deep knowledge – приобретать глубокие знания


Exercise 1. Read and translate the following words.


to start : to start with morning exercises. My daily routine starts with morning exercises.

to last: to last from 9 till 20.00, to last for 6 hours. Our lesson on History lasts from 3.30 till 5.00 p.m.

to be through=to finish=to end=to be over: to be through with studies, to end the work , to finish school. The lesson is over. When they are through with their studies they can have free time.

to prepare: well-prepared, to prepare for the lesson. We usually prepare for the next day classes in the evening.

to have (had): to have a rest, to have a short rest. When the lesson are over we have a short rest.


Exercise 2. Make up sentences with the following verbs.

Will you get up early tomorrow Yes, I shall.

                                                    No, I shan’t.


Are you going to get up early tomorrow?

Yes, I am

No, I am not.


To start, to get up, to do morning exercises, to wash, to dress, to go to the kitchen, to have breakfast, to spend, to prepare.


Exercise 3. Get special information from your friend. Use the verbs above.

When will you get  up tomorrow?                   When are you going to getup tomorrow?

What will you do next Sunday?                       What are you going to do next Sunday?

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