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1 форма (инфинитив) Infinitive 2 форма (прош. вр.) Past Simple 3 форма (причастие 2) Past Participle Перевод
to be was/were been быть, находиться
to bear bore born нести
to become became become становиться
to begin began begun начинать(ся)
to break broke broken ломать
to bring brought brought приносить
to build built built строить
to buy bought bought покупать
to choose chose chosen выбирать
to come came come приходить
to cost cost cost стоить
to cut cut cut резать
to deal dealt dealt иметь дело
to do did done делать
to draw drew drawn рисовать
to drink drank drunk пить
to drive drove driven водить
to eat ate eaten есть
to fall fell fallen падать
to feel felt felt чувствовать
to find found found находить
to fly flew flown летать
to forget forgot forgotten забывать
to forgive forgave forgiven прощать
to get got got получать
to give gave given давать
to go went gone идти, ехать
to grow grew grown расти, выращивать
to have had had иметь
to hear heard heard слышать
to know knew known знать
to learn learnt/learned learnt/learned учить(ся)
to leave left left оставлять, покидать
to lose lost lost терять
to make made made делать
to meet met met встречать(ся)
to pay paid paid платить
to put put put класть, ставить
to read read read читать
to run ran run бегать
to say said said говорить, сказать
to see saw seen видеть
to sell sold sold продавать
to send sent sent посылать
to show showed shown показывать
to sing sang sung петь
to sit sat sat сидеть
to sleep slept slept спать
to speak spoke spoken говорить, разговаривать
to spend spent spent тратить, проводить
to stand stood stood стоять
to steal stole stolen красть
to swim swam swum плавать
to take took taken взять, брать
to teach taught taught учить, обучать
to tell told told сказать
to think thought thought думать
to understand understood understood понимать
to wake woke woken будить, просыпаться
to wear wore worn носить
to win won won выигрывать, побеждать
to write wrote written писать

Тестовые задания

Тема: Существительное

1. Would you like … from the shop? They have some nice ones.

a) an ice cream b) ice cream c) ice creams d) the ice creams


2. I didn’t have a camera, so I couldn’t take … .

a) any photo b) any photos c) photo d) some photo


3. I think there’s … in the fridge.

a) a butter b) some butter c) some butters d) butter


4. You’ve bought a lot of … .

a) banana b) egg c) water d) biscuit


5. I’m out of work. I’m looking for … .

a) job b) a job c) some job d) jobs


6. I’m hoping to hear … soon.

a) a new b) a news c) some news d) some new


7. It’s … walk from here to the university.

a) hour b) an hour c) an hour’s d) an hours’


8. I need … paper to write on.

a) a b) a piece c) piece of d) a piece of


9. We climbed up the stairs to the … .

a) building’s top b) buildings’ top c) top of building d) top of the building


10. I’m afraid I haven’t got … .

a) much money b) much moneys c) many money d) many moneys



11. A bookshelf is a … .

a) shelf full of books b) shelf made of books c) shelf for putting books on d) book about shelves


12. Luckily there was … in our hotel room.

a) iron b) an iron c) some iron d) some irons


13. Why shouldn’t … do as good a job as men do?

a) woman pilot b) women pilot c) woman pilots d) women pilots


14. The horse has won lots of races. It’s a champion … .

a) horserace b) racehorse c) horses race d) races horse


15. The … is his fighting spirit.

a) player’s strong b) players’ strong c) player’s strength d) players’ strength


16. Unfortunately we’ve made … .

a) little progress b) little progresses c) few progress d) few progresses


17. There are some great … programmes on this channel.

a) child b) children c) child’s d) children’s


18. At the … , we exchanged addresses.

a) the course end b) end course c) end of the course d) course’s end


19. At lunch time we used to eat together in the … .

a) cafeteria college b) college’s cafeteria c) college cafeteria d) cafeteria’s college


20. Have you ever drink tea from … ?

a) glass b) a glass c) some glass d) some glasses


Тема: Cловообразование

1. The man we interviewed for the job was … but we weren’t very impressed with his appearance.

a) intelligent b) intelligence c) intellective d) unintelligent


2. I wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow, but … I do.

a) fortune b) unfortunately c) fortunate d) fortunately


3. All our … receive four weeks paid holiday per year.

a) employers b) employees c) unemployed d) employment


4. I can’t … that terrible noise any longer.

a) tolerable b) toleration c) tolerate d) tolerant


5. If you are interested in applying for the job, your … must be received by Friday.

a) appliancy b) applicant c) application d) appliance


6. This machine is making a … noise.

a) fun b) funnish c) funny d) funned


7. The paper cans are easier to recycle and cause far less … .

a) pollution b) polluting c) pollute d) pollutes


8. Improved quality control has led to a higher efficiency in … .

a) production b) productivity c) producing d) produce


9. To put parts together to produce the … product is to assemble.

a) final b) finalize c) finally d) finalizing


10. The researchers have come up with an … idea for the use of recycled plastics.

a) innovate b) innovating c) innovation d) innovative


11. They employ a large team of software … .

a) development b) develop c) developer d) developers


12.  Charles Dyson is the … of a vacuum cleaner which works on a new principle.

a) invent b) inventor c) invention d) inventing


13.  These methods of production are still at … stage.

a) experimental b) experiment c) experimenting d) experimented


14.  The scientists have presented a detailed … of the results.

a) analyze b) analyst c) analytical d) analyses


15.  They made a report on future energy … .

a) requirements b) require c) requiring d) requires


16. The temperature was measured every hour and carefully … .

a) record b) recorded c) records d) recorder


17. The computer monitor  displays … so you can see it on screen.

a) information b) informative c) inform d) informations


18.  Information is stored on a computer as … data.

a) digital b) digit c) digits d) digited


19.  Every day he collects and delivers packages for … companies.

a) local b) location c) locate d) located


20.  The company is in … difficulties for several months.

a) finance b) financial c) finances d) financed



Тема: Артикли

1. Porcelain was first made by … .

a) a Chinese b) the Chinese c) Chineses d) Chinese


2. The rent is 50 dollars … week.

a) –, b) the c) an d) a


3. London was founded in … century BC by Julius Caesar.

a) The 1st b) an 1st c) 1st d) a 1st


4. George gave … to his father.

a) The Sunday Times b) Sunday Times c) A Sunday Times d) an Sunday Times


5. I liked … essay you had brought the other day very much.

a) – b) an c) the d) a


6. To tell … truth, I didn’t expect to see him.

a) – b) an c) the d) a


7. The geographical centre of London is … .

a) a Trafalgar Square b) Trafalgar Square c) the Trafalgar Square d) an Trafalgar Square


8. Some people think that … television is harmful for children.

a) a b) the c) some d) –


9. … milk in my refrigerator is spoiled. I need to buy some more.

a) – b) a c) the d) one


10. I have … question.- OK. What do you want to know?

a) some b) a c) the d) –



11. Only one of … continents in  world is uninhabited.

a) the, the b) the, a c) –, the d) –, –


12. If you want, you can use … calculator in the exam.

a) a b) one c) the d) –


13. They say that … dog is a man’s best friend.

a) a b) all c) – d) the


14. When did you last go to … cinema?

a) – b) the c) a d) some


15. … National Theatre isn’t far from Waterloo Station.

a) – b) the c) a d) an


16. It rained heavily during … night.

a) the b) – c) a d) some


17. We went on holiday with our friends, … Mitchells.

a) a b) – c) the d) some


18. Well, sometimes … computers that we have at work keep breaking down.

a) the b) – c) a d) an


19. There’s no public transport. You can’t get there without … car.

a) the b) – c) a d) one


20. In autumn … temperature difference between land and sea reduces.

a) a b) the c) – d) some

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