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pellet гранула
pellet mill пресс для гранулирования
extruder пресс для выдавливания
steam пар
extruded pellets экструдированные гранулы
pressure pellets прессованные гранулы
floating pellets плавающие гранулы
sinking pellets тонущие гранулы
shrimp креветка
to float держаться на поверхности, плавать
fungus гриб, плесень

Put down the corresponding adverb. Translate the words.

Model: typical – typically

Quick, high, usual, short.

10.12 Say if these statements are correct:

Ingredients for diet are usually mixed in proper proportions.

The diameter of the pellet varies from 5 cm to 6 cm

Feeds produced by pressure pelleting are more dense than water, thus they sink.

Extruded pellets are the cheapest than others.

An aquaculturist cannot see that the fish eat floating feed.

10.13 Choose the proper definition from the right column:

Pellets pressure, extruded, floating, sinking, flying, swimming
Species various, aquaculture, fish, plant, chemical, organic
Meal fish, meat, by-product, corn, pond, organism, fat

Topic for discussion

1. Speak about the difference between pressure pellets, extruded pellets and floating pellets.


Part 1

Read the following international words and translate them. (Mind the part of speech).

Selective, culture, components, cycle, control, collecting, reproduction, temperature, combination, types, stimulus, hormone, plankton, scenario, typical.

Give Russian equivalents of the following words and word combinations.

Life cycle, brood fish, aquaculture species, hormone activity, pond bottom, culture environment.