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Read new words and translate the examples with them

robotics (n.) робототехника [rə(ʊ)ˈbɒtıks] The robotics revolution changes the kind of work that people do.
dangerous (adj.) опасный [ˈdeındʒərəs] The professor conducted a very dangerous experiment in his lab.
personality (n.) индивидуальность, личность [ˌpɜːsəˈnælıtı] Your clothes often reflects your personality.
design (v.) проектировать, конструировать [dıˈzaın] Japanese scientists designed a new kind of a service robot last year.
cute (adj.) умный, милый [kju:t] He succeeded in doing the most difficult test. He is so cute.
boring (adj.) скучный [ˈbɔːrıŋ] It was boring to sit there without anything to do.
routine (adj.) обычный, рутинный [ru:ˈti:n] So many days are routine and uninteresting, especially in winter.
device (n.) устройство, механизм [dıˈvaıs] Our laboratories are equipped with modern devices.
react (v.) реагировать [rıˈækt] Smart materials react to changes in their environment.
environment (n.) окружающая среда [ınˌvaırənˈment] All people should keep the environment in good condition.
sensor (n.) датчик [ˈsensə] With the help of sensors robots can operate.
instructions (n.) инструкции, указания [ınˈstrʌk∫(ə)nz] Before carrying out the operation one should study all the instructions.

Match the synonyms.

1. machine a. to behave differently as a result of smth.

2. instructions b. boring

3. to design c. surroundings

4. to react d. device

5. environment e. directions

6. routine f. to project

Match English words with Russian equivalents.

1.robotics a) роботы в) робототехника с) работа

2. personality а) личность в) персона с) персонаж react а) реагировать в) реакция с) переделать

4. environment а) исследование в) эксперимент

с) окружающая среда

5. to design а) проектировать в) показывать

с) дизайн

6. sensors а) чувства в) сенсация с) датчики

7. cute а) хитрый в) милый с)остроумный


Read the text A again and put the sentences and phrases (a-g)

Below in the correct places (1-7).

a. in factories, laboratories or warehouses

b. In this play machines behave like people

c. like an arm

d. can “see” the environment and

e. like handling nuclear or radioactive metals

f. The reality is less exciting.

g. understand the messages from the sensors and

Text A

A We can thank the world of literature for the words robot and robotics. The word robot was first used by the Czech playwright Karel Capek who in 1921 wrote a drama, RUR (Rossum’s Universal Robots). It was about machines that could move like human beings and do their work. (1)________ Asimov used it in a short story in 1941.
B Robots often star in films too, for example dangerous machines like Terminator or cute ones like R2D2 in “Star Wars”. (2)_______ Industrial robots don’t have personalities and they don’t think like people. Most real robots are designed to save people from dangerous jobs (3)_______ or boring, routine work (4)_______.
C A simple robot is made of: · A mechanical device (5)_______ that can react to its environment. · Sensors that (6)_______ give information to device. · Systems or computer programs that (7)_______ give the device instructions.

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