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Incorporated (P2)-включенный

Describe, develop, design, perform, introduce, integrate, include, build, connect, limit, improve, formulate.

Make up 5 sentences with the participles from Ex. 5.7

Match the verbs in A with their synonyms in B.


affect take away

perform pour out

resist form

shape carry out

remove oppose

spill influence

Use the verbs from 4.1.9 in the sentences below. Change the form where necessary.

1) He has been ……surgery for 10 years.

2) I accidentally…… my drink all over him.

3) These stains will be difficult to……

4) This metal is able to……corrosion.

5) You can buy specially……bricks for an arch.

6) Nanotechnology in its advanced form will…… almost all industries and all areas of society.

Complete these predictions about nanotechnology. Use each verb in the list once.

construct perform

replace (with) store

clean up take

remove stop

resist wear


AManufacturers will be able to construct cars from lightweight materials that are 50 times stronger than steel. Today’s two-ton Cadillac could weigh only 50 kg in the future. The materials used to build cars will be able to……(1) scratches, dents, and rust (царапины, вмятины, ржавчина)
BWe’ll be to……(2) trillions of bytes of information in a structure the size of sugar cube.
CDoctors will be able to……(3) broken human bones (кости) with artificial bones made with nanotechnology. Nanorobots will be able to……(4) surgery. We’ll be able to……(5) pills(пилюли) containing nanorobots.
D We’ll be able to……(6) nanorobots up into space to rebuild the ozone layer. Other nanorobots will be able to……(7)pollutants from water and……(8) oil spills.
EEveryone will be able to……(9) computers and colour screens because they will be built into their clothes. We’ll be able to……(10) our clothes from getting dirty by making them with stain repellent fabrics (ткани, устойчивые к пятнам)

Match each of the following headings with one of the abstracts (A-E) above.

1) Medicine

2) Clothes

3) Car

4) The Environment

5) Computers

Discuss these questions in groups and make a short report about nanotechnologies.

· Can you see any applications for nanotechnology in your job?

· What things would you like to be smaller, stronger, etc?

· Could nanotechnology affect employment in your industry? (How?)

· Do you like the idea of having nanorobots inside your body?

· Some people say we’ll be able to live for ever with nanotechnology.

Would you like to?

· Is nanotechnology always going to be a good thing? Can you see any dangers?

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