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Writing and Speaking

In pairs, design a robot to do a dangerous or boring job. Describe its structure and functions.

For example

Structure(description) Work to do
A mechanical arm Pack boxes, load goods etc.

Think about the examples of robots used in films and real life. Tell the class about them.

Which one is the most interesting or technologically advanced?

Text B.

Read and study the given Vocabulary

pose danger to sb.= create danger

создавать опасность

a printed circuit board

печатная схема

require great strength/efforts

требовать огромных усилий

deal with= be concerned with

иметь дело, заниматься чем-то






брать, допускать, выполнять


Before reading the text answer the following questions.

1. How are robots used in industry?

2. What operations could be done by robots in automobile industry?

3. What are robots used in electronics for?

4. What operations could be done by robots in dangerous and uncomfortable for human workers conditions?


Read the text and complete the table.


Many of the robots in use today do jobs that require great strength or pose danger to people working in some environments. For example, robots are particularly useful in the automobile industry where parts of automobiles are about 100 kilos or more and it’s difficult to deal with them. Robots can easily move heavy components between workstations.

Spray painting is another task suited to robots because robots do need to breathe. They are not affected by toxic fumes.

The third in the list of useful jobs for robots is the assembly of electronic parts. Robots are perfect at installing chips in printed circuit boards and never put a chip in the wrong place. Earlier robots could not usually see and hear but newer types of robots are equipped with video cameras and other sensing devices. These robots are used in space projects, nuclear reactor stations and underwater works. Such jobs are especially difficult and dangerous for human workers that is why they are more and more assumed by robots.

Types of Jobs for Robots Reason
Automobile industry  
Spray Painting  
Assembly of Electronic Parts  
Space Projects, Nuclear Reactor Stations, Underwater works etc.  

Find English equivalents in the text and read the sentences with them.

1. установка чипов

2. особенно полезны

3. требует больших усилий

4. двигать тяжёлые детали

5. ядовитые испарения, пары.

6. иметь дело

7. оборудованы

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