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Who finances and guides the higher medical education in Russia?

2. Where are the doctors trained?

3. Where are the specialists in pharmacy trained?

4. Who may enter a medical institution of higher education?

6. Whom do the medical colleges train?

7. What is the course of training at the medical institution of higher education?

8. How many semesters has the academic year?

9. What subjects does the curriculum include?

10. Where do the students have medical practice?

11. What are the students taught during medical practice?

12. Where do the students carry on research work?

13. When do the graduates receive their diplomas?

14. Where can the doctors improve their qualification?

15. For what degree does the post-graduate student defend a thesis?

Задание 2.Закончите предложения логически, найдя окончание в правом столбце. Переведите их на русский язык.

I. In all Russian medical institutions of higher education… I. where they are offered modern guidelines for research activity.
2. Clinical subjects are taught… 2. at therapeutic, surgical and other departments.
3. The students attend scientific societies… 3. the training takes five or six years.
4. The students have practical course… 4. for the doctors, who want to improve their qualification.
5. The post-graduate course is… 5. from the third year.

Задание 3. Задайте специальные вопросы, ответами на которые будут следующие предложения:

Model: – The course of training at medical institutions of higher education is six years.

– What is the course of training at medical institutions of higher education?

1. Medical schools train paramedical personnel. 2. The attendance of lectures is compulsory for all students. 3. Clinical subjects are taught from the third year. 4. The students have medical practice in clinics and hospitals. 5. Doctors can improve their qualification at the Institute of Post-Diploma and Additional Education.

Задание 4. Продолжите следующие утверждения. Выразите свое согласие или несогласие. Начните свое высказывание фразами: I agree with you that… I think you are not right saying that…

1. All entrants take entrance examinations.

2. Medical schools train doctors.

3. For the first two years students study pre-clinical subjects.

4. The students have medical practice from the second year.

5. After passing the State Examinations the graduates can apply for clinical internship.

6. Post-graduate student obtains the Degree of Doctor of Medicine.

Задание 5. Вы учитесь на 6 курсе лечебного факультета. Расскажите о своих занятиях, используя следующие словосочетания:

The final year of medical training, medical practice at the hospital, clinical internship, surgical department, to assist at operations, clinical conferences, to treat patients, to attend lectures, to take final examinations.

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