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Dialogue. Задание 1. Повторяйте за диктором слова и словосочетания

Задание 1. Повторяйте за диктором слова и словосочетания. Запомните их значение:

1. to do smb’s best сделать все возможное,


2. in-patient стационарный больной

3. As far as I know. насколько я знаю.

4. kindergarten детский сад

5. prevention профилактика

6. cure лечение

7. staff штат

8. as for … что касается …

9. to meet the requirement удовлетворять потребности

Задание 2. Прослушайте диалог и воспроизведите его в парах:

A.: - A lot of people in Britain don’t know very much about the Health Service in Russia. Could you tell me some words about its structure?

B.: - I'll certainly do my best. As you know, I’m a medical student and know the system of medical aid in our country. Well, where should I begin?

A.: - First of all, I’d like to know something about Hospital Service. Is it free of charge?

B.: - If you have Insurance Policy you can get medical services free of charge with the exception of some types of stomatologic aid.

A.: - What departments are there in the hospital?

B.: - As far as I know there are many departments in each hospital: therapeutic, neurology, cardiac, burns, etc. There are also specialized clinics: mental, oncological, infectious and others.

A.: - That’s excellent. But what about children? Where are they treated?

B.: - There are special children’s hospitals where they have got all sorts of treatment. Besides in kindergartens and at schools children are given regular medical examination. “Prevention is better than cure”, as we say.

A.: - You are quite right. What’s the medical staff at the hospital?

B.: - As a rule, medical staff consists of a chief-doctor, therapeutists, surgeons, cardiologists, neurologists and many other specialists. They work in the departments. As for nurses, they assist the surgeons during operations, take the patient's temperature, provide medical procedures.

A.: - I suppose, a general hospital has necessary equipment, hasn't it?

B.: - Yes, of course. Each hospital is modern equipped and has necessary instruments.

A.: - I know your state is doing all it can to meet the requirements of a modern Health Service. Thank you for the information. Good-bye!

B.: - Good-bye!


1. Выполните лабораторную работу по теме в лингафонном кабинете.

2. Выучите новые слова и выражения по теме.

3. Переведите тексты темы на русский язык.

4. Составьте план пересказа темы на русском языке (используйте графологическую структуру к теме).

5. Подготовьте пересказ и диалог по теме на английском языке.

Тема 14. Признаки и симптомы болезни

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