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Dental caries is a widespread disease. Caries is caused by microorganisms and is characterized by demineralization of the mineral part of enamel. When the disease approaches the pulp it may cause inflammation and death of the pulp. The infected pulp causes changes in the periapical tissues.

The objective signs of caries are: hard tooth tissues changes in colour and density, and development of defects. Carious process may progress rapidly or slowly due to the general state of the organism.

Dental caries is treated by tooth preparation, medication and filling. The pathologic changed tissues are removed surgically. Anatomic form and function of the tooth is restored by filling.

The dentists must pay much attention to the fluorine prophylaxis, restriction of sugar intake, a balanced diet, thorough oral hygiene, and cleaning the teeth immediately after meals.

Задание 3. Передайте краткое содержание прослушанного текста на русском языке.

Задание 4. Ответьте на вопросы по содержанию текста:

1. What is caries caused by?

2. What is caries characterized by?

3. What are the objective signs of caries?

4. Does carious process develop rapidly or slowly?

5. What are treatment methods of dental caries?

6. What preventive factors must the dentists pay much attention to?

Задание 5. Передайте содержание текста на английском языке.


Задание 1. Слушайте и запоминайте следующие слова и словосочетания:

1. cavity полость

2. sensitive чувствительный

3. heat тепло

4. to get loose расшататься

5. ache боль

6. checkup проверка, осмотр

7. to restore восстанавливать

8. temporary временный

9. to spread распространяться

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