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§ Passport control § Customs control § Security check § Immigration card=Form § Customs declaration § To fill in=To complete § (In) Capital letter(s) § (In) Block letter(s) § Signature/to sign § Name=First name=Given names § Surname=Family name=Second name § Maiden name § Citizen/citizenship § Nationality § Date of birth § Sex (male and female) § Passport number § Date of issue § Visa § Visa type § Visa number § Validity period § Date of expiry § Purpose of trip=Visit § Name of receiving company § Destination § Postal=Zip code § Duration of stay § Value of goods § To present § Authorities=Officials

Dialogue 1

CA – Here is the immigration form.

P – What do I need it for?

CA – All passengers, arriving in Israel, should fill in an immigration card except for citizensof Israel and transit passengers.

P – Oh, I see. Should I leave the form on board?

CA – No, sir. Keep it with your documents to present to the authorities at the airport on arrival.

P – Thank you.

Dialogue 2

CA – Do you need my help?

P – I guess so. I don’t know the validity period of my visa.

CA – May I see your passport, please?

P – Here you are.

CA – This information should be given right in your visa.

P – Yes, you are right. Thank you.

Dialogue 3

P - Excuse me, I made a few mistakes in my card. Is it OK?

CA – As far as I know, corrections in an immigration card are not allowed. I will get you another form.

P – Thank you.

Dialogue 4

P – I have just realized that I filled in my immigration form in German language.

CA – You are travellingto Canada, madam, so the card must be completed in English or French, in capital letters.

P – I think I need another card.

CA – You are right. But, unfortunately, we have no more forms.

P – What should I do then?

CA – You do not have to worry. You will have time to fill it in at the airport on arrival.

P – Thanks.

2. Translate the following sentences into English using active vocabulary:

1. Пожалуйста, заполните миграционную карту печатными буквами.

2. Дайте еще одну миграционную карту.

3. Распишитесь здесь. Поставьте подпись внизу.

4. Какое у вас гражданство?

5. Поставьте отметку в графе (напротив) пола.

6. Заполните таможенную декларацию заглавными буквами.

7. Дайте мне, пожалуйста, ваш паспорт.

8. Вы забыли указать номер вашего паспорта.

9. Какова цель вашего визита?

10. Какой пункт назначения?

11. Пожалуйста, сохраните Б сторону миграционной карты для предъявления властям при выезде из страны.

12. К сожалению миграционных карт больше нет.

13. Вы сможете заполнить их в аэропорту.

14. Поставьте отметку в графе цель визита.

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