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My week day

I am very busy on my week-days. My week-days do not differ much one from another.

On week-days the alarm-clock wakes me up and my working day begins early. If it is spring or summer I jump out of bed, run to the window and open it wide to let the fresh morning air in.The bright sun and the singing of birds set me into a cheerful working mood. My classes starts at 9 o`clock, so I have to get up at 8,to be ready in time. I never wake up myself, my mother always wakes me up.

Sometimes I do my morning exercises, then I rush to the bathroom. I clean my teeth, wash my faсe. The cold water makes me not so sleepy. Sometimes I have a shower. If I am not short of time I tidy up the room. While I am having breakfast, I switch on the radio and listen to the news.

Breakfast, as doctors say, must be the most substantial meal of the day.

I live the house at ten minutes to nine and as I live quite near the house I like to walk there in any weather. On my way to the University I often meet my friends and we go on together.

.My parents get home about six o`clock. We have supper together. We share all the news, I tell about the lessons and school.

After it, I help my mother to do some work about the house-wash dishes, sweep the floor, clean the room.

Twice a week in evenings I go to play tennis. When I do not go to play tennis, I stay home and watch TV, listen to the music, read magazines. Sometimes my friends call me and we go for a walk. In summer I like to get out more, so in the evening I go to the tennis court for a few sets of tennis or take out my bike for a run in the country.

At eleven o`clock tired after a long working day I go to bed and fall asleep.

Answer the questions.

1. Do you get to your school by bus or on foot?

2. How long does it take you to get there?

3. What is your bedtime?

4. Do you often sit up far into the night?

Translate into English:

1. В рабочие дни мой друг встает очень рано.

2.Чтобы доехать на автобусе, у меня уходит больше времени

3.Обычно я езжу на работу на такси.

4.Рабочий день начинается около 10 часов.

5.Я работаю около пяти часов с фотографом, и он делает много снимков. Подобные фото печатаются в еженедельных женских журналах.

Make up a dialogue using words and expressions from this topic.

Read and translate the text.

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