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Active Vocabulary. a motorbike-мотоцикл

rabbit - кролик

fishing- рыбалка

a message – сообщение

to try - пытаться

a motorbike-мотоцикл

to spend-проводить(время)

a collector-коллекционер

stamps - марки

a postcard - открытка

to do smth together – делать что-либо вмести

to enjoy –наслаждаться

Answer the following questions:

1. What is hobby?

2. What hobbies do people have?

3. Are children and teenagers great collectors?

4. What do people collect?

5. What classes do people attend in the evening?

6. Does a person usually do his hobby

7. Do American families like doing things together?

8. Where do they enjoy their ho

9. What is the idea of the parks there (in America)?

10. Are the Americans interested in culture? What do they do to prove their interest?

11. What is your hobby?

12. Does your family support you in your hobby? What do your parents think about it?

13. Does your family like doing things together?

14. Do you travel together?

15. Are you a collector? What do you collect?

16. What is your friend's hobby?

17. Are hobbies a great Russian tradition?

18. Has your family a car? What does your father do with it on Sundays? Is it his hobby?

19. Do you have pets as a hobby?

20. Do hobbies help us in our life? Do they make it more interesting?

Role Play

1. Ask your partner to help you with your hobby in some way.

2. Describe to a partner the steps involved in doing your hobby.

3. Tell someone else how to get started with a new hobby.


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