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Exercise 29. Translate into English

1. Когда уходит поезд в Киев? 2. Разногласия у них были только по одному пункту. 3. Больше ни одного слова не сказала она по дороге домой. 4. Он всегда был очень терпелив с детьми. Один только раз он рассердился на них. 5. Не успели мы войти в комнату, как начался дождь. 6. Когда я подошла к опушке леса, я увидела огромный зеленый луг. Никогда я не видела такого чудесного зрелища. 7. Как ни трудна была книга, мы читали ее с удовольствием. 8. Я так устала после экскурсии, что не могла идти в театр. Напрасно сестра пыталась уговорить меня, я не соглашалась. 9. Вот идет мой автобус. До свидания. 10. Такой интересный был спектакль, что мы жалели, когда он кончился. 11. Было бы у меня больше времени, я бы стала изучать итальянский язык. 12. Только когда она была уже в поезде, она вспомнила, что оставила зонтик дома.

Exercise 30. Comment upon the position of the objects.

1. Titus fetches Judith her things from the rack. (Shaw) 2. What did you say to him? (Douglas) 3. I hope, contrary to your prediction, that we may meet again: though I shall certainly not offer you my company in the forceable future, nor of course will I expect any answer to this communication. (Murdoch) 4. Beppe told him of some sculpture and then gave it to him. (Stone) 5. He tore a leaf from his pocket-book, wrote a few words and gave it to me. (Ch. Bronte) 6. She pitied the poor young gentleman for having no one to look after him. (Mansfield) 7. The other candle I gave to Mr. Bruff... (Collins) 8. She gave him her hand. (Dickens) 9. To them it was the most enduring material in the world. (Stone) 10. Blanche, I can smell the sea air. The rest of my time I'm going to spend on the sea. (Murdoch) 11. He bought with his wife's money, a fairly large house in the new redbrick part of Beldover. (Lawrence) 12. A word about Palmer is necessary; and this I find difficult. (Murdoch) 13. With the wet weather Lorenzo had forbidden Contessina to leave the palace. To Michelangelo she did not seem frail. (Stone) 14. For me, the watches of that long night passed in ghastly wakefulness. (Ch. Bronte") 15. Curious joy she had of her lectures. (Lawrence) 16. Helen she held a little longer than me. (Ch. Bronte) 17. With one hand Bodkin preferred the picture to the foreign market, with the other he formed a list of private British collectors. (Galsworthy) 18. To him perpetual thought of death was a sin. (Priestley) 19. Of Mrs. Bretton I had long lost sight. (Ch. Bronte) 20. To kicks and curses, to hurry and dislike, it closed a hard stone veil around its soft inner nature. (Stone) 21. Why he had selected that as an excuse, he had no idea. (Caldwell)

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