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Exercise 6. Преобразуйте предложения, употребив инфинитив в функции а) сложного дополнения; б) сложного подлежащего. Переведите предложения

а) Образец: Everybody considers that he is a clever man. – Every body considers him to be a clever man.

I saw as he crossed the street. – I saw him cross the street.

1) I know that she is a good teacher.

2) Everybody believes that he is right.

3) I have never heard how she plays the piano.

4) The student expects that his article will be published.

5) I saw as the driver opened the window and threw a box into the bushes.

6) I felt as somebody looked at me.

7) Nobody heard as he spoke on the telephone.

б) Образец: They say that he lives in Warsaw. – He is said to live in Warsaw.

1) They say that he is one of the best doctors at the hospital.

2) People say this palace will be built in three years.

3) The newspapers report that the President will arrive in Moscow tomorrow.

4) Everybody knows him as a prominent public figure.

5) They say that paper has been invented in China.

6) We expect her to come tomorrow.

7) We know that this student works much.

Exercise 7. Употребите следующие пословицы в кратких ситуациях.

1) To know everything is to know nothing.

2) Talk of the devil and he is sure to appear.

3) Live and let live.

4) To help is human.

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