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Exercise 1. Find in the text equivalents to the following words and phrases.

we are first year students of the Volga State Academy of the Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism; lesson is over; вставать рано; жить в общежитии; tiring work; to require; посещать занятия в Поволжской Академии Физической Культуры, Спорта и Туризма; занятия по расписанию; favourite subject; in the canteen; готовить научный доклад; осознавать; achievements; developments

Exercise 2. Fill in the table about Daily Routines.

Daily Activity Time
Wake up 6.00 a.m.
Morning physical exercises  
Have a shower  
Have breakfast  
Lectures, classes, seminars  
Have lunch  
Have supper 8.30 p.m.
Watch TV  
Go to bed  

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