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Read the descriptions (A-D) and match them with the pictures (1-4)

A LETTER OPENER CLOCK (£19.99) Desktop clock, thermometer, calendar, and letter opener This gadget has got lots of helpful information – with the added benefit of an automatic electric letter opener. The LCD display shows date, time, and temperature in °C or °F. In addition there is an alarm clock, a calculator, and the times in 15 cities around the world. Letter opener uses 2xAA batteries (not supplied). 5.5x12x9.5cm.   B RADIO PEN (£14.99) Sounds as good as it writes This pen looks beautiful, feels great to write with – but it sounds better in the ears. It’s got a secret radio in the top! Wear the earphones and enjoy music while you work. Button batteries included. 14cm long.   C FEET WASHER (£19.99) The best thing for your feet Designed for shower or bath, this vinyl mat cleans and massages your feet – and you don’t need to bend down or stand on one leg! Suction cups hold it safely while you stand on the 1,500 relaxing ‘fingers’. 2.5x14.5x27.5cm.   D BED GLASSES (£29.99) How to read or watch TV – flat on your back These glasses are perfect for sick people who must stay in bed, or for people who like to relax with a book or watch TV while lying flat on the floor or sofa. The plastic frame contains two glass prisms that deflect your vision by 90°. The lenses are first-class and you can wear them over your normal glasses. * (the text is from: “Engineering” Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP; Unit 18, pg.20, ex.2)  

Read the texts (A-D) again and match the sentences (1-6) below with the gadgets.

These two don’t need batteries.
This does two things.
You use this standing up.
You use these lying down.
This can tell you how hot it is.
You get free batteries with this.

* (“Engineering” Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP; Unit 18, pg.20, ex.3)

4. Read the text again and find the English equivalents to the following expressions:

- … устройство (приспособление)…

- … полезная информация …

- … преимущество …

- … также (плюс к этому) …

- … по всему миру …

- … не входят в комплект …

- … нет необходимости …

- … выглядит красиво …

- … получать удовольствие …

- … идеально подходят для …

- … пластиковый каркас …

5. Read the text again and find synonyms to the following words and phrases:

- device

- useful

- advantage

- monitor

- not included

- without any danger

- be ideal for

- people who are ill

- of high quality

- usual, ordinary

Complete the definitions (1-7) with the highlighted words in the text. Use the glossary or your dictionary to help you.

1. A ……… is a good thing.
2. A ……… is a triangular block of glass.
3. ……… are the pieces of glass you look through.
4. ……… holds/attaches with air pressure.
5. ……… is a type of plastic.
6. ……… means ‘hidden’.
7. To ……… means ‘to change direction’.

* (“Engineering” Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP; Unit 18, pg.20, ex.4)

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