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Read the following text quickly and choose the correct answers to the questions below

1. Trevor Baylis is
  a a doctor
  b a TV presenter
  c an inventor
2. The text is about
  a radios
  b a clever idea
  c Africa
  In 1991, Trevor Baylis saw a television programme about people in Africa with AIDS. A doctor in the programme said he wanted to give everyone in his country information about the illness but very few people had televisions or radios. The problem was that radios were very expensive because the batteries cost more than a week’s food for a family. Trevor Baylis had a clever idea: a clockwork radio that didn’t need batteries. He designed and developed a mechanism where the energy stored in a wound up spring could be used to drive a generator to power the radio. He also added a panel to convert solar energy into electrical energy. Trevor Baylis’ environmentally-friendly radio has won lots of awards. The technology can be used in anything that needs batteries and it is perfect for countries where electrical power is unreliable or very expensive. The wind-up technology is now used in the new generation of Apple e-Mate computers.  

* (the text is from: “Engineering” Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP; Unit 16, pg.18, ex.3)

4. Find in the text the English equivalents to the following expressions:

- …проблема заключалась в том, что…

- …стоили дороже, чем…

- …еженедельный рацион одной семьи…

- … интересная идея…

- …радио, основанное на принципе работы часового механизма…

- …разработал и претворил в жизнь…

- …привести в действие…

- …превращать энергию…

- …не причиняющее вред окружающей среде…

- … может быть использовано…

- …это идеально для…

- …новое поколение компьютеров…

Read the text again and decide if the sentences (1 – 5) below are true (T) or false (F).

Trevor Baylis had his idea when he watched a TV programme. T F
He wanted to give people information about AIDS. T F
His radio is powered in two different ways. T F
The idea has been successful. T F
Only radios can have clockwork power. T F

* (“Engineering” Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP; Unit 16, pg.18, ex.4)

Complete the definitions (1 – 5) below with the highlighted words in the text. Use the glossary or your dictionary to help you.

1. “…… - ……” means good for the health of people and the world.
2. ……… is power produced by a wound up spring.
3. Something that often doesn’t work or breaks down is …… ... .
4. A ……… converts mechanical power to electrical energy.
5. Power from the sun is …… …… .

* (“Engineering” Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP; Unit 16, pg.18, ex.5)

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