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A person who cuts up meat and sells it in a shop is

A)butcher B)baker C)pharmacist D)cook E)seller

18.Выберите верное окончание для словосочетания: A pinch of . . .

A)flowers B)lemon C)bread D)salt E)butter

19.Выделенное слово является Participle 1 в предложении:

A)Be careful at the street crossing B)He didn’t turn up at the meeting.

C)He was reading a newspaper when I entered the room.

D)The reading of the magazine took her only 70 minutes.

E)He was fond of reading books about adventures.

20.Выберите правильный вариант:

They lied to their teacher, . . .?

A)did they B)didn’t they C) didn’t it they D)don’t they do

E)weren’t they

21.Выберите правильный модальный глагол:

If you want to be slim, you . . .go on diet.

A)hadn’t better B)are to C)have to D)should E)were to

22.Страдательный глагол Future Indefinite образуется с помощью:

A) am, is, are + Participle 2 B)was, were + Participle 2

C)will, be + Participle 2 D)have, has + Participle 2 E)will, be + Participle 1

23.Переведите в косвенную речь:

<I went to the cinema yesterday>, said Alma .

A)Alma asked that she went to the cinema yesterday.

B)Alma told that she had gone to the cinema yesterday

C)Alma said she went to the cinema one day before.

D)Alma spoke she had gone to the cinema two days ago.

E)Alma said that she had gone to the cinema the day before.

24.Задайте вопрос к предложению:

Diyas used to play chess when he was at school, but now he doesn’t.

A)Did he played chess when he was at school?

B)Was he playing chess when he was at school?

C)Did he play chess now or at school?

D)Did he use to play chess when he was at school?

E)Does he used to play chess when he was at school?

25.Выберите предложение с существительным в притяжательном падеже:

A)Asel`s dog is very loyal. B)Asel`s gone to university.

C)Asel`s reading a newspaper. D)Asel`s got two young brothers.

E)Asel`s writing a letter to her pen-friend.


1.В слове « T. ..mb » пропущена буква.

A)o B)u C)e D)y E)h

2.Выберите антоним слова: To capture

A)find B)capsize C)free D)catch E)serve

3.Выберите слово со 2 типом слога:

A)plane B)plan C)mice D)cope E)snake

4.Выберите правильное слово:

How can you say such . . .things?

A)- B)the C)an D)any E)some

5.Выберите правильный вариант сказуемого:

Julia . . . all the housework by three o’clock and we’ll go.

A)was finishing B)will be finishing C)will finish

D)will have finished E)would finish

6.Выберите притяжательную форму существительного в единственном числе

A)wolf`es B)wolves` C)wolve`s D)wolfe`s E)wolf`s

7.Образуйте сложное слово: Hair-. . .

A)washer B)dresser C)driller D)styler E)blonde

8.Выберите правильный вариант предлога:

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