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Ancient Rome

The history of ancient Rome is the history of struggle for power and territorial expansion. Romans owned hundreds and thousands of slaves. The slaves tilled the land, worked in the mines, built palaces and temples. The very existence of Rome was fully dependent on the labour of the slaves. The slaves hated their masters. There was a sharp struggle between the slaves and slave-owners. Some slaves became gladiators. Gladiators were given arms. They were forced to fight each in the arena. It was for the amuse-

ment of the spectators. Many of the gladiators were Gauls and barbarians.

There were many schools in Rome where they were trained. It was in the first century B.C. that many gladiators ran from the school and encamped on Mount Vesuvium. Many other gladiators joined them.

They became a great force. Spartacus was their leader. They easily defeated the Roman army. Though the slave force under Spartacus was great, his army was finally defeated by Pompey. Tens of thousands of slaves were captured and put to death.


1. the very existence of Rome - само существование Рима

2. were forced to fight - их заставляли бороться

3. for the amusement of-для развлечения публики

4. B.C. (Before Christ) - до нашей эры

5. put to death - приговорить к смерти


1.Give Russian equivalents of the following:

Territorial expansion; tilled the land; the very existence of Rome; a sharp struggle; encamped on Mount Vesuvium; slave force; tens of thousands of slaves; the Roman army.

II. Suggest the English for:

Владели сотнями и тысячами рабов; труд рабов; рабы и рабовла­дельцы; их вынуждали бороться; их обучали; присоединились к ним; легко победили; были окончательно разгромлены.

III. Express agreement or disagreement with the following using:

Yes, you arc right (= it is correct)

No, you are not right (= you are wrong)

1. Romans tilled the land, worked in the mines.

2. The very existence of Rome was dependent on the labour of slaves.

3. The slaves liked their masters.

4. Gladiators encamped on Mount Vesuvium.

IV. Insert the missing words:

1. Romans ... hundreds and thousands of slaves.

2. Some ... became gladiators.

3. Gladiators easily ... the Roman army.

4. Tens of thousands of slaves were ....

V. Complete the following sentences:

1. The history of ancient Rome is the history of……….

2. The slaves tilled the land ....

3. There was a sharp struggle between ....

4. Many of gladiators were ....

5. Spartacus was ....

VI. Answer the following questions:

1. What is the history of ancient Rome?

2. What did the Romans own?

3. Did the slaves hate their masters?

4. Who is a gladiator?

5. What were gladiators by nationality?

6. Where were they trained?

7. Who led the revolt?

8. Did they defeat the Roman army?

9. How was the revolt suppressed?

VII. Speak on the life of the slaves in ancient Rome..

The words you may need: to own slaves, to till the land, to hate, a sharp struggle, to fight each other, for the amusement of the spectators, to encamp, to defeat the Roman army, to put to death.

VIIL Read the text. Translate it into Russian without a dictionary.

The pyramids of Egypt are situated on the bank of the Nile near Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt. They were built by hundreds of thousands of slaves. The biggest of the pyramids is the pyramid of Cheops. Cheops ruled over the country in the 3rd millenium B.C. When he became a pharaon he ordered to start building the pyramid. The construction of the pyramid lasted for years.

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