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II. Ответьте на вопросы. 1. How can hotels increase their income?

1. How can hotels increase their income?

2. Why is the food and beverage manager considered to be an important member of the management staff?

3. Why is it necessary to order supplies every day?

4. What are the head cook’s duties?

5. Why does a kitchen equipped with electrical appliances need a special person dealing with washing dishes?

III. Заполните пропуски предложенными словами и словосочетаниями

captain to take order wine steward responsibility accounting office

1. It usually takes you some time if you want the waitress to come and … .

2. The person who is responsible for taking orders for alcoholic drinks is called … .

3. The … of the food and beverage manager includes planning the food and drink operation and buying a lot of items for restaurants.

4. The … seats the guests and in some restaurants takes the quests’ orders.

5. The information about paying the restaurant bills is accepted by the … .

IV. Пользуясь содержанием текста, опровергните или подтвердите следующие утверждения

1. Provision of service for banquets and conventions gives the hotel additional money.

2. The head cook is usually a Frenchman or at least he should speak French very well.

3. If the kitchen is equipped with electrical appliances there is no need in the kitchen helpers.

4. There’s no difference between hotels in the food and beverage service.

5. The work of the kitchen staff is always under control of the cooks.


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