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I. Прочитайте и переведите текст, обращая внимание на профессионально ориентированную лексику

lodging временное жилье
apartment house многоквартирный дом
interior интерьер
lack the distinct character не иметь яркого характера
spacious room просторная комната, номер
amenity комфорт
picture-postcard view живописный вид
location местоположение
convenient удобный
public transportation общественный транспорт
city’s main attractions основные аттракции города
room service обслуживание номеров, подача еды и напитков в номера
complimentary minibar бесплатный минибар
hard-currency shops валютный магазин
joint venture совместное предприятие
suite номер люкс
lobby вестибюль, холл
common area общественная зона
in-room movies домашний кинотеатр
efficient продуктивный
full-service bank банк, оказывающий все виды услуг
nicely appointed хорошо обставленный
favour comfort and service ценить комфорт и хорошее обслуживание
exchange bureau обменный пункт (валюты)
amenities комфортабельные условия, удобства

Baltschug Kempinski. Situated on the banks of the Moskva River, opposite the Kremlin and Red square, this five-star hotel boasts extraordinary views. Long in a state of disrepair, its 19th century building, once an aristocratic apartment house, has been completely reconstructed. The modern interiors sparkle, but they lack the distinct character of prerevolutionary Russia found in hotels such as the Metropol or the Savoy. The spacious rooms are done in stately red and cream and are equipped with all amenities. The Swiss management has thought of such niceties as bathroom slippers, perhaps to encourage guests to stay home and enjoy the picture-postcard views across the river. The location is central but not particularly convenient, the hotel is not accessible by public transportation (it’s a 15-minute walk from the nearest Metro station), and the city’s main attractions are on the other side of the river.

202 rooms with bath, 32 suites, 3 restaurants, café, night-time bar, 24-hr room service, cable TV with CNN and BBC, complimentary minibar, fitness centre with sauna and 20-meter pool, business centre, hard-currency shops. Traveller’s checks accepted.

Metropol.Originally built in 1899-1903 by William Walcott, this first-class hotel reopened in 1991 after five years of extensive renovations. Now operating as a British-Russian joint venture, the Metropol is a member of the Inter-Continental Hotel groups. Its posh interiors have been the setting for many historic events. Today this hotel is one of Moscow’s most elegant, with outstanding service and amenities. The nicely appointed rooms feature hardwood floors, Oriental rugs, large closets, and modern furnishings. Antiques grace all the suites and the two presidential ones come with private saunas. The lobby, restaurants, and other common areas will transport you back a century. The location is opposite the Bolshoi Theatre and a five-minute walk from the Kremlin.

328 rooms with bath, 75 suites. 4 restaurants, 2 bars, 24-hr room service, in-room movies and cable television with CNN and MTV, satellite telephone, fitness centre with sauna and swimming pool, travel agent, theatre-ticket agency, casino, conference facilities.

Radisson Slavyanskaya.The hotel offers every modern amenity American-style: no-nonsense comfort in an efficient atmosphere. Its huge, two-story lobby is lined with first-class restaurants, shops, a fully equipped fitness centre with Olympic pool, an independent press centre, an English-language movie theatre, and much more. Among the offices opened here are a full-fledged travel agency and a full-service bank. The location is central, alongside the Kiev Railway Station. The rooms are nicely appointed but small; the views are nothing to write home about. This is a good choice for visitors who favour comfort and service over character and who don’t want or need intensive contact with the real Moscow.

407 rooms with bath, 24 suites, 2 restaurants, café, lobby bar, fitness centre with 25-meter pool, 24-hr room service, satellite telephone, minibar, cable TV with CNN, hard-currency shops, exchange bureau, conference facilities.

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