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Задание 3. Заполните пропуски в предложениях словами из правой колонки, употребив их в форме множественного числа

Mass (1) __ like to discuss exotic (2) __ pertaining to nature or space exploration. They choose different (3) __ to view conference proceedings or (4) __ of scientific (5) __which supply the reporters with the (6) __ they need and provide some useful (7) __ for (8) __ and evaluation of the (9) __ obtained. (10) __ of attention might vary from investigating, say, tiny creatures with sensitive (11) __ that live in (12) __, or strange species of (13) __ and (14) __, to researching the new flying (15) ___ and deriving (16) __ for calculating (17) __,(18) ___ of rotation and the velocities of distant planets to avoid possible (19) ___ in the (20) ____ to come.   a) analysis b) antenna c) apparatus d) aquarium e) axis f) cactus g) crisis h) criterion i) datum j) focus k) formula 1) gladiolus m) medium n) millennium o) phenomenon p) radius q) symposium r) stimulus s) spectrum t) thesis

Задание 4. Заполните пропуски в предложениях существительными из правой колонки, употребив их в форме множественного числа.

Many old fairy tales deal with different animals, both farm and wild. Very often (1) ___would go hunting some wicked (2)___or (3) ___who used to steal their hens or (4) ___ and whose sharp (5) ____ constantly threatened to harm cows and (6)____, (7)____or (8) ____ .Usually (9) __ took care of the house while (10) ___would run in the yard or a nearby forest, their (11)____bare and (12)____simple. We could also find devoted dogs and clever cats, ever eager to help those (13)___, the former would watch their (14) ___ while the latter would inevitably chase (15)____ or play with babies. a) child b) people c) man d) woman e) foot f) tooth g) goose h) mouse i) fox j) wolf k) ox l) sheep m) swine n) cattle o) clothes

Задание 5. Определите, в какой части предложения содержится ошибка.

1. The potato was the staple of Ireland, and when the crop failed in 1840,
  a b c  
  there was mass starvations.
2. The shark can manoeuvre considerably faster than otherfish because
  a b c
  they have no bones.
3. Although sugar cane and sugar beet look very different, the sugars that is
  a b c  
  refined from them tastes almost the same.
4. Textiles industries are as widespread as food industries because both
  a b  
  supply basichuman needs.
  c d  
5. Many animal species are totally colorsblind, but the condition is very
  a b c  
  rare in humans.

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