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Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F)

1. Scientists have made the second-smallest motor ever invented.

2. The motor was made with just a single molecule.

3. The molecule in the motor has a width of a millionth of a metre.

4. The motor is 200 times smaller than the current world-record holder.

5. Scientists can make molecules convert energy from light and chemical reactions into movement.

6. Sykes’ creation is the third molecule device to be accepted as a motor.

7. Dr Sykes’ molecule motor spins at a rate of 50 times a second.

8. Next, Dr Sykes will make cog wheels for the world’s smallest watch.

Find the following phrases in the text.

Наноразмерное устройство, очень далеко, проводить хирургическую операцию, молекула серы, углерод, атомы углерода и водорода, медь, вращаться, макроскопический мотор, поддерживаться теплом, изображать электронную орбиталь, высокоординированное действие, заявка на патент, запредельный.

Translate the words. Match the words with the similar meaning.

1. created a. transform
recognised b. applications
3. current c. tiny
4. uses d. accepted
5. surgery e. made
6. single f. connect
7. convert g. present
8. classed h. operations
9. miniscule i. labelled
10. link j. sole

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