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IV. Сложносочиненные предложения

Сложносочиненным предложением называется сложное предложение, состоящее из двух или более предложений, соединенных посредством сочинительных союзов. Наиболее употребительным соединительным союзом является and,а противительным — but.

The performance was very good andСпектакль был очень хороший, и
we all liked it very much. нам всем он очень понравился.

The air was frosty, butit was not very Воздух был морозный, но было не
cold. очень холодно.


Itwas Sunday yesterday. It was our day off. We got up at half past eight but it was still dark. In winterit gets lightvery late.At 10 o'clock we had breakfast. We had somecoffee, ham, cheese and eggs forbreakfast.

Then we went for a walk. Itwas so wonderful outside.There was a lot of snowin the streets.The airwas frostybut it was not very cold. We had a good walkthat morning.

On our way backmy wife went to buy some bread and sugar. Iwent to the theatre box-officeand bought two ticketsfor "The Three Sisters". It was onat the Art Theatrethat night.

We came backjust in timefor dinner2. After dinner my wife and children watchedT.V. and I went through some magazines and newspapers.

At half past five my wife and I went to the theatre. The performancewas wonderful and we liked it very much. It was overat a quarter past ten. We took ataxi,and in half an hour we were at home. It was already late. We had supper, listenedto the news on the radioand went to bed.

Unit 5

I. Придаточные предложения времени

Придаточные предложения времени отвечают на вопрос когда! и вводятся союзами when"когда", while"в то время как".

I was 5 years old whenmy sister Мне было 5 лет, когда родилась
was born. моя сестра.

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