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B) Закончите предложения, поставив фразовые глаголы из колонки А в правильную видовременную форму

Example: He was born and brought up in Ireland.

1. If you go to the picnic, don’t __________ your younger brother.

2. I am always obliged to my first coach for __________ my success.

3. How long will it take __________ such a change?

4. More study should __________ your English.

5. He __________ his fourth book last year.

6. What __________ this quarrel?

7. The scandal __________ his career.

IV* Прочитайте предложения и выберите правильный вариант ответа.

Example: Nobody believed Paul at first but he __________ to be right.

A. came out В. turned out

С. worked out D. carried out

1. Here's some good news. It will_____________.

A. turn you up В. put you up

С. blow you up D. cheer you up

2. I was annoyed with the way the children were behaving, so I ________.

A. told them up В. told them off

С. told them out D. told them over

3. The club committee is _____________ of the president, the secretary and seven other members.

A. set up В. made up

С. set out D. made out

4. You were going to apply for the job, and then you decided not to. So what _____________?

A. put you off В. put you out

С. turned you off D. turned you away

5. I had no idea that he was lying to me. I was completely ____________.

A. taken in В. taken down

С. taken off D. taken over

6. Barbara started a course at college, but she _______________ after six months.

A. went out В. fell out

С. turned out D. dropped out

7. You can't predict everything. Often things don't ______________ as you expect.

A. make out В. break out

С. work out D. get out

8. Why are all these people here? What's________________?

A. going off В. getting off

С. going on D. getting on

9. It's a very busy airport. There are planes _____________ or landing every few minutes.

A. going up В. taking off

С. getting up D. driving off

10. The traffic was moving slowly because a bus has __________ and was blocking the road.

A. broken down В. fallen down

С. fallen over D. broken up

V. Прочитайте тексты и вставьте пропущенные предлоги.


(1) __On__Wednesday I had an important interview (2) ______ a job. I got

up (3) ______ 7 o'clock in the morning and shaved carefully. I put (4) ______ my best jacket and trousers. I had to travel (5) ______ train, so I walked to the station.

(6) ______ my way I saw a man who was painting his fence (7) ______ red paint. The man didn't notice me: he was looking (8) ______ the fence. Then he turned suddenly and splashed my beautiful trousers!

I was very angry (9) ______ the man. He apologised (10) ______ me, but the damage was done. There was a department store not far (11) ______ the station, so I decided to buy a new pair.

I found a nice pair of trousers and since I was short (12) ______ time, I decided to change (13) ______ the train. The shop was full, so I paid hurriedly (14) ______ my trousers, grabbed my shopping bag and left.

I arrived (15) ______ the station just (16) ______ time to catch the train. I was very proud (17) ______ myself. 'Now I won't be late (18) ______ the interview,' I thought and smiled happily (19) ______ an elderly lady who was staring (20) ______ my trousers.

I went (21) ______ the toilet to change. I threw away my stained trousers and opened the bag to get my new ones, but all I found was a pink woollen sweater!


(1) ______ the very darkest corner (2) ______ the deep dark wood sat the Big Bad Girl.

The Big Bad Girl was just about as BIG as BAD as a girl can be, and all the woodland animals were afraid (3) ______ her. She hung about beside the forest path and carved her name (4) ______ trees. She shouted rude things (5) ______ any little animal who passed (6) ______. The Big Bad Girl tripped up little deer. She stole fir cones (7) ______ baby squirrels and threw them (8) ______ the poor little hedgehogs. The woodland birds didn’t dare to sing when the Big Bad Girl was around!

But the person the Big Bad Girl liked to tease most (9) ______ all was a charming little wolf cub who often passed (10) ______ ______ his way to visit his dear Old Granny Wolf.

Little wolf was the sweetest, fluffiest, politest little cub you could ever hope to meet. He would run (11) ______ the path, carrying a basket (12) ______ freshly baked goodies for Old Granny Wolf, singing all the time…

I’m a little wolfie, good and sweet.

I am tidy, I am neat.

With a basket full of lovely grub,

I am Granny’s favourite cub.

“What’s (13) ______ your basket today, Little – Weedy – Wolfie – Wimp?” snarled the Big Bad Girl. “ Mmmm, apple pies? I’ll take those. Jam sandwiches? Very tasty.”

“Oh, dear, oh, dear! Now there will be nothing (14) ______ dear Old Granny Wolf,” wailed little Wolfie. And his little wolfie tears rolled (15) ______ the empty basket.


I. Прочитайте предложения и выберите правильный вариант ответа.

Example: Paula has given up (smoke) __________.

A. smoke B. to smoke C. smoking

1. I promised _______ in time.

A. come B. to come C. coming

2. Let me _______ your bag.

A. carry B. to carry C. carrying

3. I don't enjoy _______ very much.

A. dance B. to dance C. dancing

4. It was funny. I couldn't help _______.

A. laugh B. to laugh C. laughing

5. Would you mind _______ the door, please?

A. close B. to close C. closing

6. I'd prefer _______ a taxi.

A. get B. to get C. getting

7. He is very good at _______ languages.

A. learn B. to learn C. learning

8. David insisted on _______ for the meal.

A. pay B. to pay C. paying

9. It is no use _______ about it.

A. worry B. to worry C. worrying

10. Let's go to the pool _______ a swim.

A. have B. to have C. having

11. Ann was surprised _______ you last week.

A. see B. to see C. seeing

12. He prevented them from ______ the same mistake.

A. do B. to do C. doing

13. Ann was made _______ her suitcase.

A. open B. to open C. opening

14. Do you know how _______ to his house?

A. get B. to get C. getting

15. He is looking forward to _______ them again.

A. see B. to see C. seeing

16. I can't afford _______ tonight. I'm too tired.

A. go out B. to go out C. going out

17. His mother made him _______ the room.

A. clean B. to clean C. cleaning

18. Has it stopped ______ yet?

A. rain B. to rain C. raining

19. Why do you keep _______ me questions?

A. ask B. to ask C. asking

20. I refuse _______ his questions.

A. answer B. to answer C. answering

21. When he was a child, he hated ________ to bed early.

A. go B. to go C. going

22. I can't stand _______ here any more.

A. work B. to work C. working

23. They translated a story into English without _______ a dictionary.

A. use B. to use C. using

24. When I was a child, my brother didn't let me ______ with him.

A. play B. to play C. playing

25. My Mum hates ______ television.

A. watch B. to watch C. watching

26. I don't really mind ______.

A. cook B. to cook C. cooking

27. This book is worth ______.

A. read B. to read C. reading

28. I want ______ a new car.

A. buy B. to buy C. buying

29. They'd like ______ at home this weekend.

A. stay B. to stay C. staying

30. It was lovely ______ you again at Ann's party.

A. see B. to see C. seeing

31. She decided ______ this job.

A. take B. to take C. taking

32. I'm tired. I would like ______ to bed.

A. go B. to go C. going

33. Where's Bill? He promised _______ here on time.

A. be B. to be C. being

34. I'm surprised that you're here. I didn't expect _______ you.

A. see B. to see C. seeing

35. I'm not interested in ________.

A. hike B. to hike C. hiking

36. What shall we do this afternoon? Would you like ______ to the beach?

A. go B. to go C. going

37. This film is worth ________,I liked it very much.

A. see B. to see C. seeing

38. I am fond of ______ stamps.

A. collect B. to collect C. collecting

39. The weather was terrible, so we decided ________ at home.

A. stay B. to stay C. staying

40. Do your parents allow you ______ with anybody you want?

A. go B. to go C. going

II. Прочитайте предложения и выберите правильный вариант ответа.

Example: If you________ more exercise, you would feel better.

A. took B. would take C. take

1. I'll give you my address when I _________ somewhere to live.

A. would find B. find C. found

2. Many people would be out of work if that factory _________.

A. will close down B. closes down С. closed down

3. If I was offered the job, I think I ___________ it.

A. take B. took С would take

4. If I have time, I _________ to the meeting.

A. will go B. went C. go

5. Would they come if we ___________ them?

A. invited B. shall invite C. invite

6. If I _______ his address, I would tell you.

A. know B. knew C. will know

7. If you ________ more, you could learn English quickly.

A. will study B. would study С. studied

8. If I ___________ to the party, they would be offended.

A. don't go B. didn't go C. won't go

9. What will you do if he ____________ you tonight?

A. will not pay B. wouldn't pay C. doesn't pay

10. If I were you, I _________ this car.

A. will sell B. would sell C. sold

11. This soup would taste better if it _______ more salt in it.

A. has B. had C. will have

12. He'll be furious if he ever ________a bout this.

A. finds out B. found out С. will find out

13. The animals at the Zoo ________ unless they’re fed.

A. died B. will die C. would die

14. He ________ a car provided that he passes his driving test.

A. will buy B. would buy C. bought

15. If I were you, I ________ a doctor.

A. would see B. will see C. saw

16. If you _______ your medicine, you won't get better.

A. didn't take B. don't take C. won't take

17. If you ________ the book, you won't understand the story.

A. don't finish B. won’t finish C. didn't finish

18. He'll give you some money as soon as he _________ his salary.

A. got B. will get C. gets

19. I'm sure Sue _________ if you explain the situation to her.

A. understood B. will understand С. understands

20. What would you do if you______ a lot of money?

A. won B. have won С. will win

21. If you __________ wrong this time, nobody will ask for your opinion again.

A. are B. will be С. were

22. If I __________ you, I would never speak to him again.

A. were B. am C. would be

23. If he __________ for London by train, he will get there on Wednesday.

A. will leave B. leaves C. left

24. If I were you, I _________ her.

A. would help B. will help C. help

25. If I _________ John tomorrow, I’ll give him a letter.

A. will see B. saw C. see

26. If pigs __________ wings, they would fly.

A. had B. have C. would have

27. If I were you, I __________ a house in the country.

A. bought B. will buy C. would buy

28. If Tom __________ hard, he will pass his exams.

A. will work B. worked C. works

29. He will translate the text if he __________ a dictionary at hand.

A. will have B. has C. would have

30. If I had one million dollars, I __________ a yacht.

A. bought B. will buy C. would buy

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