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Read the text and find additional information about biology

Biology gives us an acquaintance with the world of living things and an understanding of some of great fundamental laws and processes of nature. There are mane special fields of knowledge and many phases and principles to which elementary training in biology is essential.

These include medicine, physiology, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, sanitation, hygiene and many others. Because man is an organism subject to the same laws, which govern all living things, and is built according to the same plan as other higher animals, an elementary knowledge of biology gives us a basis for an understanding of our own body.

1.11 Find English equivalents to these sentences in text 1.4:

Биология – наука о живых организмах. Она изучает тайны живой природы: как устроены живые организмы, как они функционируют. Результаты исследований биологов имеют большое значение для развития многих отраслей науки. Исследования биологов помогают решить многие проблемы современной науки. Они помогают понять взаимосвязь между всеми организмами и окружающей средой (environment).

Определение сущности жизни (essence of life) – одна из основных задач общей биологии.

Retell text 1.4 according to your plan and add some more information from text 1.10.

Look at these words that appear in the text. Check the meaning and the pronunciation of any unknown words in the dictionary.

Special, organize, fundamental, microscope, accumulate, basic, oxygen, principle, respiration, reproduce, process, temperature, region, digestion, assimilation, growth, reproduction, condition, pressure, resemblance, protoplasm, general, certain, vital, moderate, amount, apparent, conscious.

Match the phrases from column A with their meanings from column B.

A In the same sense Of the same kind To be certain No matter In spite of Have much in common Take place In fact B того же вида, сорта несмотря на в том же смысле, что и … неважно, безразлично быть уверенным происходить иметь много общего фактически

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