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Grammar exercises. 4. Read and translate the following sentences

4. Read and translate the following sentences. Pay attention to the use of the verb to be. Pronounce correctly the contracted forms of the verb to be.

1. I am seventeen. I am a first-year student. 2. I’m tired, but I’m not hungry. 3. Tom is interested in politics. He’s twenty. 4. The news is very bad today. 5. Her hobby’s films. 6. My parents are travel agents. 7. My name’s Davies. 8. I am glad to see you. How are you? 9. Ann and I are very good friends. 10. We’re not on holiday yet. Please see us in our lab. 11. I am sorry. They are not in the office at the moment. 12. My friend isn’t interested in classical music. 13. Those people aren’t English. They’re Australian 14. His father is a physicist. 15. My brother is a policeman. He’s very tall. 16. Your money is in your handbag. 17. We’re rich. We aren’t poor. 18. John is not a student. He is a doctor. 19. It’s ten. You aren’t late. 20. I am from Russia. They are English. 21. The students are in the lab. 22. I’m busy till seven. 23. They are fond of chess.

5. Put in am, is or are.

1. I … hot. Can you open the window, please? 2. These cases … very heavy. 3. My brother and I … good tennis players. 4. I … a first-year student. My sister … an architect. 5. My shoes … very dirty. 6. The weather … very nice today.7. I … not tired. 8. Her son’s ten on Sunday This castle … one thousand years old. 9. The houses in this street … very old. 10. Ann … at home but her children … at school. 11. That book … very interesting. 12. Mr. and Mrs. Brown … on holidays. 13. You … eighteen years old. 14. Jane … from London, I … from Moscow. 15. His information … not correct.

6. Make the sentences positive or negative. Use am/am not/is/is not/are/are not.

1. (I / hungry) I …. 2. (Rome / in Spain) Rome…. 3. (Canada / a very big country) Canada .... 4. (the Amazon / in Africa) The Amazon …. 5. (motor-racing / a dangerous sport) . Motor-racing …. 6. (Paris / the capital of France) Paris…. 7. (I / interested in football) I …. 8. (It / warm today) It…. 9. (my hands / cold) My… . 10. (diamonds / cheap) Diamonds… . 11. (my classroom / clean) My …. 12. (the duster / on the blackboard) The …. 13. (my mail / late). My …

Translate into English.

1. Я студент-первокурсник. Мой друг тоже студент. 2. Погода сегодня прекрасная. Сейчас тепло и солнечно. 3. Мне 17 лет, я из Волгограда. 4. Мой отец ученый, он очень занят. 5. Я интересуюсь физикой и у меня хорошие успехи в математике. 6. Моя сестра любит играть в шахматы. 7. Я сейчас дома, моя сестра не дома, она на работе. 8. Классная комната светлая, доска чистая. 9. Студенты в лаборатории, преподаватель не в лаборатории, он в классной комнате. 10. Мое имя Том. 11. Мой друг очень занят, он еще не в отпуске. 12. Моя почта на столе.

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