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Read, translate and explain the usage of the articles

1.This is a pen. The pen’s black. 2. My mother is a teacher. She is a good teacher. 3. That’s a thin pencil. Give me that pencil, please. 4. This is a text. Read the text, please. 5. I like tea. The tea is hot. 6. Open page 4.7. I am at home now. 8. London is the capital of England. 9. My cousin is at the theatre now. 10. The National Gallery is in Trafalgar Square in London. 11. The Thames flows through London. 12. My favourite sports are tennis and skiing. 13. We like music. 14. Excuse me, can you pass the salt, please.

9. Put in a/an or the where necessary.

1. Britain is … island. 2. Ann is … secretary, but she wants to be … economist. 3. Alan is … best player in our football team. 4. … languages are difficult to learn. 5. “Where is … car?” “In … car park in Cross Street.” 6. His room is in … fifth floor. 7. Can you play … piano? 8. …Panama Canal joins … Atlantic Ocean and … Pacific Ocean. 9. ... Rocky Mountains are in … North America. 10. … Volga flows into … Caspian Sea. 11. My favourite subject at school is … History. 12. He knows … history of the French Revolution well. 13. Pushkin is … outstanding Russian poet. 14. … Texas is famous for oil and cowboys.

Translate into English.

1. Это мой друг. Он выдающийся физик. 2. Мой отец инженер. 3. Ты можешь играть в футбол? 4. Мы часто ходим в театр и кино. 5. Я не дома, я в университете. 6. Ла-Манш находится между Великобританией и Францией. 7. Каждое утро я пью кофе. 8. Кофе холодный. 9. Они живут в старом доме. 10. “Где Алиса?” “В саду.” 11. Читайте текст 5. 12. Мой офис на первом этаже. 13. Она моя лучшая подруга. 14. Небо сегодня облачное. 15. Я живу на улице Горького. 16. Столица России – Москва.

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