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Exercise 3. Choose the right variant

1. The day before yesterday we (to invite) to the concert by Tom.

a) are invited b) were invited c) invite

2. The letter and the parcel (post) tomorrow.

a) will be post b) will post c) will be posted

3. In Greece the Olympic Games (hold) once in four years.

a) were held b) held c) are held

4. The Tower of London (build) by William the Conqueror in 1078 as a castle and palace.

a) built b) was built c) is built

5. Margaret (know) to be a very sociable and energetic person.

a) is known b) was known c) knows

6. I (bear) in a small town far from Oryol.

a) were born b) will be born c) was born

7. This book always (read) by the students of the first course.

a) is read b) are read c) is readed

8. The tickets (to leave) at the box-office yesterday.

a) left b) was left c) were left

9. Our exercises (to correct) at home by the teacher every week.

a) are corrected b) corrects c) will be corrected

10. The tops of the mountains (to cover) with snow.

a) were covered b) was covered c) are covered

Continuous Tense (Passive Voice)
Present Past Future
  am/is/are being + Past Participle The letters are being writtenby him nowadays are being written Are the letters being written by him nowadays? The letters are not being writtenby him nowadays.     was/were being + Past Participle The letter was being written by him when I came in. Was being written Was the letter being written by him when I came in? The letter was not being written by him when I came in.     -


Exercise 1. Change the following sentences using Passive Voice.

1. The firemen are putting the fire out. 2. They were packing their things when the taxi arrived. 3. The hairdresser is cutting her hair. 4. The professor was examining the students when you looked into the room. 5. When she entered the room, they were watching television. 6. Mother was cooking the pie when the guests came.7. They are still asking questions about it. 8. Mother is showing my sister how to bath the baby. 9. Workmen are building a new road outside my house. 10.When we left the meeting, people were still asking questions.

Exercise 2. Translate the marked words into English using Passive Voice.

1.A lot of houses строится in Moscow and other towns. 2. When I entered the room, the children укладывались спать by mother. 3. The letter писалось the whole morning. 4. This article переводится into English. 5. The tourists встречаются by the students of our group. 6. The flowers поливались by me when my uncle came. 7. Dinner готовиться by her. 8. When I called on them, the model airplane изготовлялся by their children. 9. The tape-recorder чинится by my father. 10. The trees сажаются by the children.

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