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waiter – официант

to order – заказывать

to feel like doing something – быть непрочь сделать что-то, хотеть

Do you feel like having a bite? – Не хочешь перекусить?

how would you like you meat? – как бы вы хотели чтобы было приготовлено мясо?

rare, medium-rare, well-done – с кровью, средне прожаренное, хорошо прожаренное

still water/ sparkling (carbonated) water – вода без газа/газированная

reservation/ to reserve a table – заказ, бронь/заказывать (бронировать) столик

to be worth the price – стоить запрашиваемых денег

Dialogue 1.

Administrator: Do you have a reservation?

Anna: Yes, the name is Jones. There are two of us.

Waiter: Are you ready to order now?

Julia: One moment. Let me see what is on the menu. What would you like to eat?

Anna: I am so hungry, I could eat an elephant I suppose. I’ll take Greek salad to start with, then roasted meat with potatoes and barbecue sauce, and then green tea with a cheesecake please.

Waiter: How would you like your meat: well-done, medium-rare?

Anna: Medium-rare please.

Waiter: What about you, ma’am?

Julia: I would like to have fish: let it be grilled salmon with rice and without sauce, Caesar salad without chicken, and coffee without sugar.

Waiter: Very well, ma’am. Would you like any dessert?

Julia: No, thank you. I’m trying to lose weight.

Waiter: Anything to drink? We have a wide choice of very good French wines.

Julia: No alcohol please. Only two bottles of mineral water.

Waiter: Still or sparkling?

Julia: Sparkling please.

Waiter: Anything else?

Anna: Yes. Two loaves of bread please. And bring the bill with the coffee.

Waiter: Did you like your meal, ladies?

Anna: Yes, thank you, it was delicious. The meat is tender, the potatoes so wonderfully crispy!

Julia: Right, your cook is a genius. This fish is a masterpiece even without sauce! And I have never thought that a diet Caesar can be so tasty.

Waiter: Thank you, ladies. Here is you bill. It’s one hundred pound seventy-five pence.

Dialogue 2.

– Hi, Nick. Do you feel like having a bite? I’m going to the canteen. Will you join me?

– Yes, with pleasure. It’s right time to eat something. I haven’t eaten anything since early morning.

– What will you have? How about these chops with some garnish?

– Hm. I’m afraid they do not look really fresh. This beefsteak looks a bit better to me. I’ll take it with beans and sauce. How about a salad?

– Salad sounds fine. Let’s take this cabbage salad with oil.

– Ok. And to finish let’s take something sweet. What do you think about this strawberry pie?

– Looks delicious. Let’s try it.

– Well. I should say their cook is a total disaster. This is absolutely awful. The meat is overdone and hard as a stone, and just as tasteless. And the beans are dry as carton.

– Mm, yeah, you are right. My chops are no better. They are far from being tender. Even the bread is stale. This food is definitely not worth the money they ask for it.

– I think this is the last time we dine here.

– No doubt.

e) Make up your own dialogues about going to a café or a restaurant.

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