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Read the dialogue. What is it about? What opinions about the match do the speakers have?


– Hi, Pit, where are you?

– Hi, Jonny, I am at a football match.

– Really? I thought you are not really keen on football?

– I am not, I just was bored and decided to try.

– Who’s playing?

– Have no idea. There is a team in white and a team in black. Each has a goal-keeper and 10 players: as a kind man near me explained, they are forwards and defenders.

– Have you chosen a team to cheer for?

– Yea, we are cheering for the whites. Now one of their forwards is running to the goal-area of the opponents. He scores … and misses. The ball hits the goal-post. What a pity.

– Oh, yes. I can hear the crowd sounds disappointed. What’s happening now?

– The opponents got the ball, and now they all are trying to break through our defense. No way! Ours are paying really skillfully. They are quick and their passes to each other are precise. What a tense struggle! It’s a real pleasure to watch them.

– Aha, you are starting to like it! And what’s the score by the way?

– It’s nil to one, ours lead. The blacks can still score one goal at least – they have time, and then the game will end in a draw, which will be great luck for the blacks. I do not think they can win.

– I see. Ok, then, I wish your team luck. I will be cheering for them too. Call me after the match, I’m curious about the results.

– Sure. Call you later. Bye.

d) Ask your friend:

– Смотрит ли он спортивные передачи, если да – то как часто, если нет, то почему?

– Какой спорт он любит смотреть больше всего и почему?

– Занимается ли он/она спортом?

– Какую роль играет спорт в его/ее жизни?

– Делает ли он утреннюю зарядку?

– Как относится к фанатам? Фанат ли он сам?

– Занимался ли когда-нибудь экстремальными видами спорта?

– Какие качества являются главными в спорте?

e) Now make up your own dialogues on the following situations:

1) You watched a sport event, which your friend couldn’t see. Answer your friends questions about the event, speak about the most interesting moments, express your opinion about the sportsmen and the work of their coach.

2) Interview a famous sportsman. Speak about his/ her life, sports career, the influence of sport on his/ her life and health. Ask about his/ her family and their attitude to his/her life style and achievements. Ask about the early times, the recent achievements, dreams and plans for the future.

3) You are parents choosing a sport for your child to go in for. Discuss your child’s abilities and character, and the good and bad sides of taking up this or that kind of sport.


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