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Определите, являются ли следующие утверждения истинными (true) или ложными (false)

1. If every country in the world used the same currency the world trade would be made much easier.

2. Currencies are like other commodities and have a certain value.

3. Exchange rates don’t change every day, they are constant.

4. The world’s foreign exchange markets keep track of all of the major currencies.

5. The exchange rate is the same if the customer is buying or selling particular currency.

2. Выберите правильный вариант ответа, согласно информации текста.

1. How is the difference in each currency’s value stated?

a) in terms of other currencies

b) in dollars

c) in other commodities

2. Is foreign exchange a constantly changing twenty-four-hour-a day market?

a) Yes, it is.

b) No, it is not.

c) Only sometimes.

3. How are foreign exchange markets linked?

a) by air-mail

b) electronically

c) by mail

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