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Варіант 25

ІВставте артиклі , де це необхідно.

1. Games Gordon Brown was ... Prime Minister of ... United Kingdom and Leader of ... Labour Party.

2. Brown became ... Prime Minister in ... June 2007, after ... Blair’s resignation.

3. Immediately before this he had served as ... Chancellor of ... Exchequer in ... Labour government from 1997 to 2007.

II. Вставте модальні дієслова may, must або need замість крапок.

1.... I take this book for a little while? — I am sorry, but I ... return it to the library at once.

2.Alex ... spend more time studying, but the other boy ... not: he has successfully passed the exam.

3.They ... come any time they like between ten and twelve in the morning, but they ... not come if they don’t want to.

III. Перепишіть наступні речення в минулому часі – Past Simple Tense.

1. On Monday we have five lessons. The first lesson is Russian.

2. At this lesson we write a dictation and do some exercises.

3. Nick goes to the blackboard.

IV. Перекладіть текст.

The name "The Tower of London" has long been used for the whole of the great fortress and palace founded by William the Conqueror. It belonged originally, however, to the central square tower, now called the White Tower. The strategic position gave the Tower control of the River Thames and London Bridge as well as the city itself. The foundations of the White Tower were laid in about 1078, and the work was directed by Gundulf, a monk from Bee in Normandy. But when William the Conqueror died in 1087, the Tower was still unfinished. His son, William II, continued the work, which was completed in about 1097. Additional buildings and defences were constructed during the reign of kings Richard I, Henry III, Edward I, Edward III, Richard II, Henry VIII covering a long period from the 12th century to the end of the 16th.

V. Складіть 3 запитання до тексту (загальне, спеціальне та альтернативне).





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