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The Future Simple Tense

Exercise 11. Say that you (your friend) will do something else at that time.

MODEL: - I shall work on the farm in summer.

- My younger brother will go to the rest camp in summer.

1. I shall wait for Ann for 15 minutes.

2. My sister will study French next year.

3. Jack will go to the Caucasus on his holiday.

4. I shall make a cake on Sunday.

5. Jane will visit her Granny after classes.

6. I shall read many English books in summer.

7. Our family will have dinner at 3 on Sunday.

8. I shall stay at home on Saturday.

9. Bob will go to the dentists on Monday.

10. My father will cut the grass in the garden next Saturday.

Exercise 12. Say that you (your friend) will not do it. Develop the situation as in the model.

MODEL: - You will tell Mother about your troubles.

- I shall not tell Mother about it. She will be worried.

1. Jack will write his sister about this event.

2. Mary will take this book from the library.

3. Jane will come to see you after supper.

4. It will rain in the evening.

5. They will plant trees near our school.

6. In a week our group will start for Lviv.

7. Alice will go shopping before dinner.

8. Helen will put on her white dress for this party.

9. Bob will sing and play the piano at the concert.

10. Ann’s parents will buy a new TV set this year.

Exercise 13. Ask your friend if he (she, somebody else) will do it any other time.

MODEL: - Jane will be at home in the evening.

- Will she be at home in the afternoon?

- Yes, she will. (No, she won’t.)

1. Jane will read this book before dinner.

2. My brother will work on the farm in August.

3. Alice will bathe and swim in the sea before breakfast.

4. Bob and John will work in the laboratory tomorrow.

5. We shall listen to the new records on Saturday.

6. Father end Nick will play chess in the evening.

7. Bob will watch television at 7 o’clock.

8. Father will work in his room after dinner.

9. My friend and I will visit Kyiv in July.

10. Bob will take exam on Tuesday.

Exercise 14. a) Tell your friend.

1) how you will spend your winter holidays;

2) how you will organize a meeting with war veterans;

3) how you will organize a New Year party.

b) Have a talk with your friend

1) how you will celebrate Victory Day;

2) how you will go on an excursion to Donetsk;

3) how you will help your parents about the house.

The Construction there is (there are)

Exercise 15. Say what else is (was) there in this place.

MODEL: - There are some books on the table.

- Yes, there are some books on the table.

There is also a lamp there.

1. There are many fruit trees in the garden.

2. There are many desks in the hall.

3. There is an old clock on the wall.

4. There is a thick carpet on the floor.

5. There is some bread in our town.

6. There is a University in our town.

7. There are many shelves in his study.

8. There were two boys on the platform.

9. There was some butter in the fridge.

10. There were many children in the park yesterday.

Exercise 16. Disagree with the following statements. Use the

suggested words.

MODEL:-There is some water in the jug. (milk)

-There isn’t any water in the jug. There is

some milk there.

1. There are some cakes on the plate. (sweets)

2. There are some knives in the drawer. (spoons)

3. There are some diagrams on the wall. (maps)

4. There are some magazines on the table. (newspapers)

5. There is a river not far from town. (lake)

6. There are some gloves on the counter. (lake)

7.There are some interesting stories in this book. (poems)

8. There are some dictionaries on the shelf. (textbooks)

9. There were many desks in the hall. (tables)

10. There were some apples in the tree. (plums)

Exercise 17. Express your surprise as in the model.

MODEL:-There are two tables in my room.

-Are there two tables in your room?

- Yes, there are. (No, there aren’t)

1. There are many old trees in the park.

2. There are two museums in this street.

3. There are two cars in the garage.

4. There are many photos on the wall.

5. There was much water in the lake in summer.

6. There are some English and German books in his library.

7. There is modern furniture in granny’s room.

8. There was little snow in the fields last winter.

9. There was little furniture in their old house.

10. There was a lot of fish in this river some years ago.

Exercise 18.Ask if the following is true about somebody/something or somewhere.

MODEL:-There is a kettle on the gas-stove.

-Aren’t there any pans there?

- There is a flowerbed in front of the house. (behind)

-Is there a flowerbed behind it?

1. There is a newspaper in the letter-box. (letter)

2. There are many funny stories in the book. (rhymes)

3. There were some spelling mistakes in your composition. (grammar mistakes)

4. There are a lot of portraits in this hall. (landscapes)

5. There is a park near the lake. (motel)

6. There is a clock on the mantelpiece. (photographs)

7. There is a museum not far from my house. (cinema)

8. There is a good watch-maker in our village. (shoe-maker)

9. There is some butter in the fridge. (cheese)

10. There was a cake on the dinner table. (pastries)

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