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The Past Simple Tense

Exercise 7. Say that you (your brother) didn’t do it. Develop the situation as in the model.

MODEL: - My younger brother went to school last year.

- My brother did not go to school last year. He was only five.

1. She came home late yesterday.

2. Father helped me with my English.

3. I liked this concert very much

4. I received a letter from our friend Nick.

5. I told my parents about my troubles.

6. Pete invited his new friends to his party last week

7. I made two mistakes in my last composition.

8. I saw Mary in the library yesterday.

9. We watched a football match on TV in the evening.

10. I found many interesting stories in this book.

Exercise 8. Ask your friend if he ( she, somebody else) did it some other time, too.

MODEL: -I watched television on Monday.

-Did you watch it on Tuesday, too?

-Yes, I did. (No, I didn’t)

1. Jane got up early on Monday.

2. Helen watered flowers yesterday.

3. Father took me to the Zoo last Sunday.

4. We planted trees near our school in spring.

5. Our class worked on the farm in July.

6. I washed the dishes after dinner.

7. Olha read the magazine before dinner.

8. I studied grammar in the morning on Sunday.

9. Yesterday Mary practiced her English the whole morning.

10. Mother bought apples in the shop the day before yesterday.

Exercise 9.Ask your friend when( where, how, why) he ( she, somebody else) did it.

MODEL: -I met Nick in the school library. (when?)

-When did you meet him?

-On Monday.

1. I read much last month. ( how many books?)

2. My friend moved to a new flat. (when?)

3. He re-wrote the last two sentences. (why?)

4. Tom and Jane talked long last night. (what about?)

5. She went to bed early yesterday. (why?)

6. Olha passed all her exams. (how?)

7. Our football team lost the game. (why?)

8. I received a telegram from Jane. (when?)

9. Nick telephoned me yesterday from Lviv. (why?)

10.He ran up to the buffet during the break.(why?)

Exercise 10. a) Tell your friends about

1) your last visit to the doctor;

2) your first visit to the theatre;

3) your work on the farm in summer.

b) Have a talk with your friend on

1) your last weekend;

2) your first day at school;

3) the dinner that you cooked for your family.

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